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Table of contents

I.Introduction to Mobile M-Health Systems

1. Ubiquitous M-Health Systems and the Convergence Towards 4G Mobile Technologies
Robert S. H. Istepanian, Costantinos S. Pattichis, Swamy Laxminarayan

2. The Efficacy of the M-Health Paradigm: Incorporating Technological, Organisational and Managerial Perspectives
Ashish N. Dwivedi, Rajeev K. Bali, Raouf N. G. Naguib, Nahy S. Nassar

3. Wireless Intelligent Sensors
Emil Jovanov, Dejan Raskovic

4. Wireless Technologies for Healthcare Applications
Brent Priddy, Emil Jovanov

5. Wireless Communication Technologies for Mobile Healthcare Applications: Experiences and Evaluation of Security Related Issues
Manolis Tsiknakis, Apostolos Traganitis, Manolis Spanakis, Stelios C. Orphanoudakis

6. Secure Mobile Health Systems: Principles and Solutions
Milan Markovic, Zoran Savic, Branko Kovacevic

7. Computational and Wireless Modeling for Collaborative Virtual Medical Teams
George Samaras, Dimosthenis Georgiadis, Andreas Pitsillides

II.Smart Mobile Applications for Health Professionals

8. Section Overview
Andreas Lymberis

9. The Memo Project — an Accompanying Measure for Medical Mobile Devices
Clive Tristram

10. Medical Natural Language Processing Enhancing Drug Ordering and Coding
Mariana Casella Dos Santos, Frank Montyne, Christoffel Dhaen

11. Mobi-Dev: Mobile Devices for Healthcare Applications
Roberto Altieri, Francesca Incardona, Harris Kirkilis, Roberto Ricci

12. Wardinhand
Salvatore Virtuoso

13. Docmem — Mobile Access to Electronic Health Records
Najia Eddabbeh, Benoit Drion

14. Smartie: Smart Medical Applications Repository of Tools for Informed Expert Decision
Juan J. Sancho, Susan Clamp, Christian Ohmann, José E. Lauzàn, Petros Papachristou, Jean P. Thierry, Angela Dunbar, Julio Bonis, Sergio Rodríguez, Chris Kirke, Innes Reid, Hans-Peter Eich, Clive Tristram

15. Telemedicine as a New Possibility to Improve Heatlh Care Delivery
Hans Rudolf Fischer, Serge Reichlin, Jean-Pierre Gutzwiller, Anthony Dyson, Christoph Beglinger

16. Mobihealth: Mobile Health Services Based on Body Area Networks
Val Jones, Aart van Halteren, Ing Widya, Nikolai Dokovsky, George Koprinkov, Richard Bults, Dimitri Konstantas, Rainer Herzog

17. Mobihealth: Mobile Services for Health Professionals
Val Jones, Aart van Halteren, Nikolai Dokovsky, George Koprinkov, Jan Peuscher, Richard Bults, Dimitri Konstantas, Ing Widya, Rainer Herzog

18. Ditis: A Collaborative Virtual Medical Team for Home Healthcare of Cancer Patients
Andreas Pitsillides, Barbara Pitsillides, George Samaras, Marios Dikaiakos, Eleni Christodoulou, Panayiotis Andreou, Dimosthenis Georgiadis

19. Future Challenges and Recommendations
Val Jones, Francesca Incardona, Clive Tristram, Salvatore Virtuoso, Andreas Lymberis

III.Signal, Image, and Video Compression for M-Health Applications

20. Section Overview
Marios S. Pattichis

21. Biosignals and Compression Standards
Leontios J. Hadjileontiadis

22. Resilient Ecg Wavelet Coding for Wireless Real-Time Telecardiology Applications
Álvaro Alesanco, José García, Salvador Olmos, Robert S. H. Istepanian

23. The Jpeg2000 Image Compression Standard in Mobile Health
Athanassios N. Skodras

24. Compression of Volumetric Data in Mobile Health Systems
Adrian Munteanu, Peter Schelkens, Jan Cornelis

25. An Overview of Digital Video Compression for Mobile Health Systems
Marios S. Pattichis, Songhe Cai, Constantinos S. Pattichis, Rony Abdallah

26. Future Challenges and Recommendations
Marios S. Pattichis

IV.Emergency Health Care Systems and Services

27. Section Overview
Sotiris A. Pavlopoulos

28. ECG Telecare: Past, Present and Future
Chris D. Nugent, Haiying Wang, Norman D. Black, Dewar D. Finlay, Frank J. Owens

29. Medical Aspects of Prehospital Cardiac Telecare
Periklis Giovas, Demetrios Thomakos, Ourania Papazachou, Demetrios Papadoyannis

30. An Emergency Telemedicine System Based on Wireless Communication Technology: A Case Study
Efthyvoulos Kyriacou, Sotiris Pavlopoulos, Dimitris Koutsouris

31. Application of Mobile Communication Techniques for Emergency Telemedicine
Koichi Shimizu

32. Future Challenges and Recommendations
Efthyvoulos Kyriacou, Sotiris Pavlopoulos

V.Echography Systems and Services

33. Section Overview
Pierre Vieyres

34. Mobile Tele-Echography Systems — Teleinvivo: A Case Study
Georgios Kontaxakis, Georgios Sakas, Stefan Walter

35. A Tele-Operated Robotic System for Mobile Tele-Echography: The Otelo Project
Pierre Vieyres, Gérard Poisson, Fabien Courrèges, Natalie Smith-Guerin, Cyril Novales, Philippe Arbeille

36. User Interface Environment and Image Communication in Mobile Tele-Echography
George A Triantafyllidis, Nicolaos Thomos, George Nikolakis, Dimitrios Tzovaras, George Litos, Michael G. Strintzis

37. Object-Based Ultrasound Video Processing for Wireless Transmission in Cardiology
Paul Rodriguez, Marios S. Pattichis, Constantinos S. Pattichis, Rony Abdallah, Mary Beth Goens

38. Future Challenges and Recommendations
Pierre Vieyres, Gérard Poisson, George Triantafyllidis, Marios S. Pattichis, Georgios Kontaxakis

VI.Remote and Home Monitoring

39. Section Overview
Chris D. Nugent, Dewar D. Finlay

40. Civilian Telemedicine in Remote and Extreme Environments
Arnauld E. Nicogossian, Desmond J. Lugg, Charles R. Doarn

41. Telematic Requirements for Emergency and Disaster Response Derived from Enterprise Models
Ing Widya, Pieter Vierhout, Val M. Jones, Richard Bults, Aart van Halteren, Jan Peuscher, Dimitri Konstantas

42. Telematic Support for Disaster Situations
Charles R. Doarn, Arnauld E. Nicogossian, Ronald C. Merrell

43. Remote Monitoring for Healthcare and for Safety in Extreme Environments
Val Jones, Nadav Shashar, Oded Ben Shaphrut, Kevin Lavigne, Rienk Rienks, Richard Bults, Dimitri Konstantas, Pieter Vierhout, Jan Peuscher, Aart van Halteren, Rainer Herzog, Ing Widya

44. Chronic Patient's Management: the Copd Example
Francisco del Pozo, Paula de Toledo, Silvia Jiménez, M. Elena Hernando, Enrique J. Gómez

45. A Mobile Telemedicine Workspace for Diabetes Management
M. Elena Hernando, Enrique J. Gómez, Angel García-Olaya, Verónica Torralba, Francisco del Pozo

46. Mobile Management and Prescription of Medication
Chris D. Nugent, Dewar D. Finlay, Norman D. Black, Tasos Falas, Constantinos Papadopoulos, George A. Papadopoulos

47. Future Challenges and Recommendations
Dewar D. Finlay, Chris D. Nugent


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