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Information Processing and Security Systems

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Table of contents

Part I.Digital Image and Signal Processing

1. Fourier Descritpor-Based Deformable Models for Segmentation of the Distal Femur in CT
Eric Berg, Mohamed Mahfouz, Christian Debrunner, Brandon Merkl, William Hoff

2. Hierarchical Segmentation of Sparse Surface Data Using Energy-Minimization Approach
Raid Al-Tahir

3. Interactive Real-time Image Analysis System for Distant Operation
Mahinda P. Pathegama, Özdemir Göl

4. Analysis/Synthesis Speech Model Based on the Pitch-Tracking Periodic-Aperiodic Decomposition
Piotr Zubrycki, Alexander A. Petrovsky

5. Bio-inspired voice activity detector based on the human speech properties in the modulation domain
A. Shadevsky, A. Petrovsky

6. A New Step in Arabic Speech Identification: Spoken Digit Recognition
Khalid Saeed, Mohammad K. Nammous

7. Split Vector Quantization of Psychoacoustical Modified LSF Coefficients in Speech Coder Based on Pitch-Tracking Periodic-Aperiodic Decomposition
Alexander Petrovsky, Andrzej Sawicki, Alexander Pavlovec

8. New results in 3D views of polyhedron generation on view sphere with perspective projection
M. Frydler, W.S. Mokrzycki

9. Gram-Schmidt Orthonormalization-Based Color Model for Object Detection
Mariusz Borawski, Pawel Forczmanski

10. Eyes detection with motion interpretation
Arkadiusz Kogut

11. Financial Distress Prediction Using Different Pattern Recognition Methods
Wieslaw Pietruszkiewicz, Leonard Rozenberg

12. Genetic algorithms applied to optimal arrangement of collocation points in 3D potential boundary-value problems
Eugeniusz Zieniuk, Krzysztof Szerszen, Agnieszka Boltuc

Part II.Computer Security and Safety

13. Fast Computation of Approximation Tables
Krzysztof Chmiel

14. Cryptographic Properties of Some Cryptosystem with Modulation of the Chaotic Sequence Parameters
Stefan Berczynski, Yury A. Kravtsov, Jerzy Pejas, Adrian Skrobek

15. Keys distribution for asymmetric cryptographic systems
Eugeniusz Kuriata

16. Two-pattern test generation with low power consumption based on LFSR
M. Puczko, V.N. Yarmolik

17. Unauthorized servers for online certificates status verification
Witold Macków, Jerzy Pejas

18. Micropayments with Privacy — a New Proposal for E-commerce
Krzysztof Szczypiorski, Aneta Zwierko, Igor Margasinski

19. A model-based approach to analysis of authentication protocols
Janusz Górski, Marcin Olszewski

20. Accessibility of information in realtime systems
Tomasz Hebisz, Eugeniusz Kuriata

21. Protocol for Certificate Based Access Control Policies Description Language
Jerzy Pejas, Pawel Sukiennik

22. Impact of the address changing on the detection of pattern sensitive faults
Bartosz Sokol, Ireneusz Mrozek, Wiaczeslaw Yarmolik

23. Software IP Protection Based on Watermarking Techniques
Vyacheslav Yarmolik, Siarhei Partsianka

24. Probabilistic Analysis of Operational Security for Network Systems
Jolanta Koszelew

25. Quality of Service Requirements in Computer Networks with Blocking
Walenty Oniszczuk

Part III.Artificial Intelligence-Oriented Trends and Applications

26. Genetic BDD-oriented Pattern Classifiers
Witold Pedrycz, Zenon A. Sosnowski

27. A fuzzy way to evaluate the qualitative attributes in bank lending creditworthiness
Gisella Facchinetti, Giovanni Mastroleo

28. Multidimensional Systems, Signals, Circuits, and Repetitive Processes: Theory, Applications, and Future Trends
K. Galkowski, A. Kummert

29. Modelling using probabilistic algorithms
Anna Borowska, Wiktor Danko, Joanna Karbowska-Chilinska

30. Fuzzy Parametric Integral Equations System in modelling of polygonal potential boundary problems described by the Laplace equation
Eugeniusz Zieniuk, Andrzej Kuzelewski

31. From Integrated Circuits Technology to Silicon Grey Matter: Hardware Implementation of Artificial Neural Networks
Kurosh Madani

32. A Tiny Flat-island in a Huge Lake — How can we search for it if completely flatland elsewhere?
Akira Imada

33. A Soft Computing Based Approach Using Signal-To-Image Conversion for Computer Aided Medical Diagnosis (CAMD)
Amine Chohra, Nadia Kanaoui, V. Amarger

34. The prediction of behaviours of chaotic dynamical systems in 3D state space
M. Pankiewicz, R. Mosdorf

35. Idiotypic Networks as a Metaphor for Data Analysis Algorithms
Slawomir T. Wierzchon

36. Global learning of decision trees by an evolutionary algorithm
Marek Kretowski, Marek Grzes

37. Ships' domains as collision risk at sea in the evolutionary method of trajectory planning
Roman Smierzchalski

38. Inputs' Significance Analysis with Rough Sets Theory
Izabela Rejer

39. Semi-Markov process in performance evaluation of asynchronous processors
Wojciech Kadlubowski

40. Organization of the modeling and simulation of the discrete processes
Emma Kushtina, Alexandre Dolgui, Bartlomiej Malachowski

41. The Jeep Problem, searching for the best strategy with a genetic algorithm
Przemyslaw Klesk

42. Evaluation of operation and state of an object using artificial intelligence tools
Henryk Piech, Aleksandra Ptak, Marcin Machura


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