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Family-Oriented Primary Care

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Table of contents

1. Basic Premises of Family-Oriented Primary Care

2. How Families Affect Illness: Research on the Family's Influence on Health

3. Family Systems Concepts: Tools for Assessing Families in Primary Care

4. A Family-Oriented Approach to Individual Patients
Kathleen Cole-Kelly, David B. Seaburn

5. Involving the Family in Daily Practice

6. Building Partnerships: Promoting Working Alliances and Motivation for Change

7. Family Interviewing Skills in Primary Care: From Routine Contact to the Comprehensive Family Conference

8. When Interactions Are Difficult

9. Working with Couples in Primary Care: One Plus One Is More Than Two

10. The Birth of a Family: Family-Oriented Pregnancy Care

11. Supporting Parents: Family-Oriented Child Healthcare

12. When Parents Get Stuck: Helping with Child Behavior Problems

13. Family-Oriented Care of Adolescents

14. Recognizing the Signs of Strain: Counseling Couples in Primary Care

15. Anticipating Loss: Healthcare for Older Patients and Their Family Caregivers
Bernard Shore

16. Looking Death in the Eye: Facilitating End-of-Life Care and the Grieving Process

17. Genetic Screening, Testing, and Families

18. The Developmental Challenges of Chronic Illness: Helping Patients and Families Cope

19. Integrating the Mind—Body Split: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Somatic Fixation

20. Mobilizing Resources: The Assessment and Treatment of Depression in Primary Care

21. When Drinking or Drugs Is Part of the Problem: A Family Approach to the Detection and Management of Substance Use and Abuse

22. Protecting the Family: Domestic Violence and the Primary Care Clinician
Barbara Gawinski, Nancy Ruddy

23. Family-Oriented Primary Care in the Real World: Practical Considerations for Comprehensive Care

24. Acute Hospital Care: Letting the Family In

25. Working Together: Collaboration and Referral to Family-Oriented Mental Health Professionals

26. Managing Personal and Professional Boundaries: How the Clinician's Experience Can Be a Resource in Patient Care


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