Maugin, Gérard A.

Mechanics of Material Forces

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Table of contents

I.4d Formalism

1. On Establishing Balance and Conservation Laws in Elastodynamics
George Herrmann, Reinhold Kienzler

2. From Mathematical Physics to Engineering Science
Gérard A. Maugin

II.Evolving Interfaces

3. The Unifying Nature of the Configurational Force Balance
Eliot Fried, Morton E. Gurtin

4. Generalized Stefan Models
Alexandre Danescu

5. Explicit Kinetic Relation from “First Principles”
Lev Truskinovsky, Anna Vainchtein

III.Growth & Biomechanics

6. Surface and Bulk Growth Unified
Antonio DiCarlo

7. Mechanical and Thermodynamical Modelling of Tissue Growth Using Domain Derivation Techniques
Jean Francois Ganghoffer

8. Material Forces in the Context of Biotissue Remodelling
Krishna Garikipati, Harish Narayanan, Ellen M. Arruda, Karl Grosh, Sarah Calve

IV.Numerical Aspects

9. Error-Controlled Adaptive Finite Element Methods in Nonlinear Elastic Fracture Mechanics
Marcus Rüter, Erwin Stein

10. Material Force Method. Continuum Damage & Thermo-Hyperelasticity
Ralf Denzer, Tina Liebe, Ellen Kuhl, Franz Josef Barth, Paul Steinmann

11. Discrete Material Forces in the Finite Element Method
Ralf Mueller, Dietmar Gross

12. Computational Spatial and Material Settings of Continuum Mechanics. An Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian Formulation
Ellen Kuhl, Harm Askes, Paul Steinmann

V.Dislocations & Peach-Koehler-Forces

13. Self-Driven continuous Dislocations and Growth
Marcelo Epstein

14. Role of the Non-Riemannian Plastic Connection in Finite Elasto-Plasticity with Continuous Distribution of Dislocations
Sanda Cleja-Tigoiu

15. Peach-Koehler Forces within the Theory of Nonlocal Elasticity
Markus Lazar

VI.Multiphysics & Microstructure

16. On the Material Energy-Momentum Tensor in Electrostatics and Magnetostatics
Carmine Trimarco

17. Continuum Thermodynamic and Variational Models for Continua with Microstructure and Material Inhomogeneity
Bob Svendsen

18. A Crystal Structure-Based Eigentransformation and its Work-Conjugate Material Stress
Chien H. Wu

VII.Fracture & Structural Optimization

19. Teaching Fracture Mechanics Within the Theory of Strength-of-Materials
Reinhold Kienzler, George Herrmann

20. Configurational Thermomech-Anics and Crack Driving Forces
Cristian Dascalu, Vassilios K. Kalpakides

21. Structural Optimization by Material Forces
Manfred Braun

22. On Structural Optimisation and Configurational Mechanics
Franz-Joseph Barthold

VIII.Path Integrals

23. Configurational Forces and the Propagation of a Circular Crack in an Elastic Body
Vassilios K. Kalpakides, Eleni K. Agiasofitou

24. Thermoplastic M Integral and Path Domain Dependence
Pascal Sansen, Philippe Dufrénoy, Dieter Weichert

IX.Delamination & Discontinuities

25. Peeling Tapes
Paolo Podio-Guidugli

26. Stability and Bifurcation with Moving Discontinuities
Claude Stolz, Rachel-Marie Pradeilles-Duval

27. On Fracture Modelling Based on Inverse Strong Discontinuities
Ragnar Larsson, Martin Fagerström

X.Interfaces & Phase Transition

28. Maxwell’s Relation for Isotropic Bodies
Miroslav Šilhavý

29. Driving Force in Simulation of Phase Transition Front Propagation
Arkadi Berezovski, Gérard A. Maugin

30. Modeling of the Thermal Treatment of Steel With Phase Changes
Serguei Dachkovski, Michael Bohm

XI.Plasticity & Damage

31. Configurational Stress Tensor in Anisotropic Ductile Continuum Damage Mechanics
Michael Brünig

32. Some Class of SG Continuum Models to Connect Various Length Scales in Plastic Deformation
Lalaonirina Rakotomanana

33. Weakly Nonlocal Theories of Damage and Plasticity Based on Balance of Dissipative Material Forces
Helmut Stumpf, Jerzy Makowski, Klaus Hackl, Jaroslaw Gorski


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