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Multidisciplinary Economics

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Table of contents

I.Multidisciplinary Economics: The Birth of a New Economics Faculty in the Netherlands

1. Opening Address
P. P. Gijsel

2. Historical Mistakes Rectified
J. G. F. Veldhuis

3. Tjalling C. Koopmans: An Inspiring Example
W. H. Gispen

4. Styles of Research in Economics at Cowles
A. W. K. Frankel, H. J. K. Sandoz

II.Multidisciplinary Economics at Utrecht University

5. Origins and Development of Multidisciplinary Economics at Utrecht University
P. P. Gijsel

6. Multidisciplinary Economic Research at Utrecht University
H. Schenk

III.Spanning Multidisciplinary Economics: The Institutional, Historical and Spatial Dimensions of Economics

7. Introduction
J. Plantenga, P. P. Gijsel

8. Towards a European Social Model
G. Schmid

9. Dutch Debates: Modernising Social Security by Introducing the Life Course as a Frame of Reference
J. Plantenga

10. Learning to Trust
B. Nooteboom

11. Introduction
H. Schenk

12. The Truth About Markets
J. Kay

13. The State of the Industrial Organization Field
W. G. Shepherd

14. On the Dynamics of Innovation Policy: A Dutch Perspective
L. Soete

15. ‘History Friendly’ Models of Industrial Evolution: An Overview
L. Orsenigo

16. Introduction
B. Unger

17. Public Governance and Private Governance: Exchanging Ideas
B. S. Frey

18. Macroeconomics of Fiscal Policy and Government Debt
F. Ploeg

19. Joys and Pains of Public Debt
W. H. Buiter

20. Introduction
J. H. Garretsen

21. European Integration and Economic Geography: Theory and Empirics in the Regional Convergence Debate
R. Martin

22. An Account of Geographic Concentration Patterns in Europe
M. Brülhart, R. Traeger

23. Introduction
C. J. M. Kool

24. Regulation and the Role of Central Banks in an Increasingly Integrated Financial World
C. A. E. Goodhart

25. Who is Running the IMF: Crtical Shareholders or the Staff?
M. Fratianni, J. Pattison

26. Synthetic Money
N. V. Hovanov, J. W. Kolari, M. V. Sokolov

27. Introduction
R. J. M. Alessie

28. Health, Wealth, and the Role of Institutions
M. Hurd, A. Kapteyn

29. Organisational Economics in an Age of Restructuring, or: How Corporate Strategies Can Harm Your Economy
H. Schenk

30. Does Social Security Crowd out Private Savings?
R. J. M. Alessie

31. Will the Dutch Level out Their One and Only Mountain?
B. Unger

32. The Global Market for Capital: Friend or Foe
C. J. M. Kool

33. From Koopmans to Krugman: International Economics and Geography
J. H. Garretsen


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