Commenges, Daniel

Probability, Statistics and Modelling in Public Health

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Table of contents

1. Forward and Backward Recurrence Times and Length Biased Sampling: Age Specific Models
Marvin Zelen

2. Difference between Male and Female Cancer Incidence Rates: How Can It Be Explained?
Konstantin G. Arbeev, Svetlana V. Ukraintseva, Lyubov S. Arbeeva, Anatoli I. Yashin

3. Non-parametric estimation in degradation-renewal-failure models
V. Bagdonavicius, A. Bikelis, V. Kazakevicius, M. Nikulin

4. The Impact of Dementia and Sex on the Disablement in the Elderly
P. Barberger-Gateau, V. Bagdonavicius, M. Nikulin, O. Zdorova-Cheminade

5. Nonparametric Estimation for Failure Rate Functions of Discrete Time semi-Markov Processes
Vlad Barbu, Nikolaos Limnios

6. Some recent results on joint degradation and failure time modeling
Vincent Couallier

7. Estimation in a Markov chain regression model with missing covariates
Dorota M. Dabrowska, Robert M. Elashoff, Donald L. Morton

8. Tests of Fit based on Products of Spacings
Paul Deheuvels, Gérard Derzko

9. A Survival Model With Change-Point in Both Hazard and Regression Parameters
Dupuy Jean-François

10. Mortality in Varying Environment
M.S. Finkelstein

11. Goodness of Fit of a joint model for event time and nonignorable missing Longitudinal Quality of Life data
Sneh Gulati, Mounir Mesbah

12. Three approaches for estimating prevalence of cancer with reversibility. Application to colorectal cancer
C. Gras, J.P. Daurès, B. Tretarre

13. On statistics of inverse gamma process as a model of wear
B.P. Harlamov

14. Operating Characteristics of Partial Least Squares in Right-Censored Data Analysis and Its Application in Predicting the Change of HIV-I RNA
Jie Huang, David Harrington

15. Inference for a general semi-Markov model and a sub-model for independent competing risks
Catherine Huber-Carol, Odile Pons, Natacha Heutte

16. Estimation Of Density For Arbitrarily Censored And Truncated Data
Catherine Huber, Valentin Solev, Filia Vonta

17. Statistical Analysis of Some Parametric Degradation Models
Waltraud Kahle, Heide Wendt

18. Use of statistical modelling methods in clinical practice
V.M. Klyuzhev, V.N. Ardashev, N.G. Mamchich, M.I. Barsov, S.I. Glukhova

19. Degradation-Threshold-Shock Models
Axel Lehmann

20. Comparisons of Test Statistics Arising from Marginal Analyses of Multivariate Survival Data
Qian H. Li, Stephen W. Lagakos

21. Nonparametric Estimation and Testing in Survival Models
Henning Läuter, Hannelore Liero

22. Selecting a semi-parametric estimator by the expected log-likelihood
Benoit Liquet, Daniel Commenges

23. Imputing responses that are not missing
Ursula U. Müller, Anton Schick, Wolfgang Wefelmeyer

24. Bivariate Decision Processes
Martin Newby

25. Weighted Logrank Tests With Multiple Events
C. Pinçon, O. Pons

26. Explained Variation and Predictive Accuracy in General Parametric Statistical Models: The Role of Model Misspecification
Susanne Rosthøj, Niels Keiding

27. Optimization of Breast Cancer Screening Modalities
Yu Shen, Giovanni Parmigiani

28. Sequential Analysis of Quality of Life Rasch Measurements
Veronique Sebille, Mounir Mesbah

29. Three Types of Hazard Functions Curves Described
G.I. Sidorovich, S.V. Shamansky, V.P. Pop, O.A. Rukavicin

30. On the Analysis of Fuzzy Life Times and Quality of Life Data
Reinhard Viertl

31. Statistical Inference for Two-Sample and Regression Models with Heterogeneity Effect: A Collected-Sample Perspective
Hong-Dar Isaac Wu

32. Failure Distributions Associated With General Compound Renewal Damage Processes
S. Zacks


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Keywords: MATHEMATICS / Probability & Statistics / General MAT029000

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Natural Sciences

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