Turchi, Patrice E. A.

Complex Inorganic Solids

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Table of contents

1. Precipitation of Disordered Ni-X Solid Solution Phases in Off-Stoichiometric Ordered Ni3X Alloys
Y. Ma, J. Joshi, A. J. Ardell

2. An Atomic Scale Study of The Physical Properties of Delta Plutonium and Pu:Al Alloys
Bruno Siberchicot, Gregory Robert, Johann Bouchet, Alain Pasturel

3. Ab Initio Thermodynamic and Structural Studies of Cationic Disordered MgAl2O4 Spinel
S. Rocha, P. Thibaudeau

4. Computer Simulation of Molten and Glassy Silica and its Mixtures with Sodium Oxide and Aluminium Oxide
Kurt Binder, Jürgen Horbach, Walter Kob, Anke Winkler

5. A Computer Model of Carbonitride Precipitation in Steel
Philippe Maugis, Mohamed Gouné

6. Current and Future Applications of Calphad Technology
Larry Kaufman

7. Phase Stability and Ordering in (Ga,Mn)As Alloys
Václav Drchal, Josef Kudrnovský, František Máca, Jan Mašek, Ilja Turek, Peter Weinberger

8. Vacancy Ordering and Non-Stoichiometry in TiC1?x
?x and TiN1?x

Gus L. W. Hart, Barry M. Klein, Shanadeen Begay

9. Vacancy-Mediated Phase Transformations: Homogeneous or Heterogeneous?
Wolfgang Püschl, William A. Soffa, Wolfgang Pfeiler

10. Calculation of the Phase Diagrams of Alloys with Nonpair Atomic Interactions within the Ring Approximation
R. V. Chepulskii

11. Modelling of Phase Separation in Iron-Based Ternary Alloys
Yoshiyuki Saito

12. Short-range Order Parameters in fcc Binary Alloys
J. S. Faulkner, Silvia Pella, Aurelian Rusanu, Yevgeniy Puzyrev

13. Dependence of Ordering Process in Ni-based 1 1/20 Alloy on Alloying Elements
Satoshi Hata, Makoto Inoue, Noriyuki Kuwano, Yoshitsugu Tomokiyo

14. Changes of LRO in Anisotropic L10-Ordered FePd
Andreas Kulovits, William A. Soffa, Wolfgang Püschl, Wolfgang Pfeiler

15. Ordering Process analyzed by Phase Field Method, CVM and PPM
M. Ohno, T. Mohri

16. Phase Distribution and Transformation Dynamics Using in-situ Synchrotron Diffraction Methods
Joe Wong

17. Monte Carlo Study of the Precipitation Kinetics of Al3Zr in Al-Zr
Emmanuel Clouet, Maylise Nastar

18. Examination of Multicomponent Diffusion Between two Ni-Base Superalloys
C. E. Campbell, W. J. Boettinger, T. Hansen, P. Merewether, B. A. Mueller

19. Curvature and basis function effects on electronic and transport properties of carbon nanotubes
Antonis N. Andriotis, Madhu Menon

20. The Behavior of Solid Solutions in Geological Transport Processes: The Quantization of Rock Compositions by Fluid-Rock Interaction
Bernard Guy

21. Ab-Initio Study of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
Josef Kudrnovský, Václav Drchal, František Máca, Ilja Turek, George Bouzerar, Patrick Bruno

22. Variation of Elastic Shear Constants in Transition Metal Alloys
Göran Grimvall

23. Theoretical Strength, Magnetism and Stability of Metals and Intermetallics
Mojmír Šob, Martin Friák, Dominik Legut, Václav Vitek

24. Rejuvenation of Deformation-Damaged Material by Magnetic Annealing - A New Approach to Grain Boundary Engineering -
Tadao Watanabe, Shuichi Nishizawa, Sadahiro Tsurekawa

25. Coherent Potential Approximation Within the Exact Muffin-Tin Orbitals Theory
L. Vitos, I. A. Abrikosov, B. Johansson

26. Charge Distributions in Metallic Alloys: A Charge Excess Functional Theory Approach
Ezio Bruno

27. Local Charge Distributions in Metallic Alloys: A Local Field Coherent Potential Approximation Theory
Ezio Bruno, Leon Zingales, Antonio Milici

28. On The Development of Alloy Theory
A. Gonis, P. E. A. Turchi

29. Microscopical Derivation of Ginzburg-Landau-Type Functionals for Alloys and Their Application to Studies of Antiphase and Interphase Boundaries
I. R. Pankratov, V. G. Vaks

30. Investigation of Structures and Properties of C3P4 Alloy Using First-Principles Electronic Structure Calculation
Adele Tzu-Lin Lim, Jin-Cheng Zheng, Yuan Ping Feng

Keywords: Chemistry, Metallic Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials

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