Estrada, Alejandro

New Perspectives in the Study of Mesoamerican Primates

Estrada, Alejandro - New Perspectives in the Study of Mesoamerican Primates, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Overview of the Mesoamerican Primate Fauna, Primate Studies, and Conservation Concerns
Alejandro Estrada, Paul A. Garber, Mary S. M. Pavelka, LeAndra Luecke

Part One. Taxonomy and Biogeography

2. Introduction: Taxonomy and Biogeography
A. Estrada, P. A. Garber, M. S. M. Pavelka

3. Taxonomy and Distributions of Mesoamerican Primates
Anthony B. Rylands, Colin P. Groves, Russell A. Mittermeier, Liliana Cortés-Ortiz, Justin J. H. Hines

4. The Biogeographic History of Mesoamerican Primates
Susan M. Ford

Part Two. Population Responses to Disturbance

5. Introduction: Population Responses to Disturbance
A. Estrada, P. A. Garber, M. S. M. Pavelka

6. Demographic Features of Alouatta pigra Populations in Extensive and Fragmented Forests
Sarie Belle, Alejandro Estrada

7. Population Structure of Black Howlers (Alouatta pigra) in Southern Belize and Responses to Hurricane Iris
Mary S. M. Pavelka, Colin A. Chapman

8. The Effects of Forest Fragment Age, Isolation, Size, Habitat Type, and Water Availability on Monkey Density in a Tropical Dry Forest
Holly Noelle DeGama-Blanchet, Linda Marie Fedigan

9. Forest Fragmentation and Its Effects on the Feeding Ecology of Black Howlers (Alouatta pigra) from the Calakmul Area in Mexico
Andrómeda Rivera, Sophie Calmé

10. Intestinal Parasitic Infections in Alouatta Pigra in Tropical Rainforest in Lacandona, Chiapas, Mexico: Implications for Behavioral Ecology and Conservation
Kathryn E. Stoner, Ana M. González Di Pierro

Part Three. Behavior and Ecology

11. Introduction: Behavior and Ecology
M. S. M. Pavelka, A. Estrada, P. A. Garber

12. Average Body Weight for Mantled Howling Monkeys (Alouatta palliata): An Assessment of Average Values and Variability
Kenneth E. Glander

13. An Exploratory Analysis of Developmental Plasticity in Costa Rican Mantled Howler Monkeys (Alouatta palliata palliata)
Clara B. Jones

14. Travel Patterns and Spatial Mapping in Nicaraguan Mantled Howler Monkeys (Alouatta palliata)
Paul A. Garber, Petra E. Jelinek

15. Use of Landmark Cues to Locate Feeding Sites in Wild Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus capucinus): An Experimental Field Study
Paul A. Garber, Ellen Brown

16. Leap, Bridge, or Ride? Ontogenetic Influences on Positional Behavior in Cebus and Alouatta
Michelle F. Bezanson

17. Food Choice by Juvenile Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus capucinus) in a Tropical Dry Forest
Katherine C. MacKinnon

18. Why Be Alpha Male? Dominance and Reproductive Success in Wild White-Faced Capuchins (Cebus capucinus)
Katharine M. Jack, Linda M. Fedigan

19. Post-conceptive Mating in White-Faced Capuchins, Cebus capucinus: Hormonal and Sociosexual Patterns of Cycling, Noncycling, and Pregnant Females
Sarah D. Carnegie, Linda M. Fedigan, Toni E. Ziegler

Part Four. Conservation and Management Policies

20. Introduction: Conservation and Management Policies
P. A. Garber, A. Estrada, M. S. M. Pavelka

21. Growth of a Reintroduced Spider Monkey (Ateles geoffroyi) Population on Barro Colorado Island, Panama
Katharine Milton, Mariah E. Hopkins

22. Primates in Agroecosystems: Conservation Value of Some Agricultural Practices in Mesoamerican Landscapes
Alejandro Estrada, Joel Saenz, Celia Harvey, Eduardo Naranjo, David Muñoz, Marleny Rosales-Meda

23. Primate Populations in the Protected Forests of Maya Archaeological Sites in Southern Mexico and Guatemala
Alejandro Estrada, Sarie Belle, LeAndra Luecke, Marleney Rosales

24. Mapping Primate Populations in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico: A First Assessment
Juan Carlos Serio-Silva, Víctor Rico-Gray, Gabriel Ramos-Fernández

25. A Metapopulation Approach to Conserving the Howler Monkey in a Highly Fragmented Landscape in Los Tuxtlas, Mexico
Salvador Mandujano, Luis A. Escobedo-Morales, Rodolfo Palacios-Silva, Víctor Arroyo-Rodríguez, Erika M. Rodríguez-Toledo

26. Quantifying Fragmentation of Black Howler (Alouatta pigra) Habitat after Hurricane Iris (2001), Southern Belize
Shelley M. Alexander, Mary S. M. Pavelka, Nicola H. Bywater

Part Five. Synopsis and Perspectives

27. New Perspectives in the Study of Mesoamerican Primates: Concluding Comments and Conservation Priorities
Paul A. Garber, Alejandro Estrada, Mary S. M. Pavelka


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