Targan, Stephan R.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: From Bench to Bedside

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Table of contents

Section I. The Laboratory Bench

1. Introduction: Inflammatory bowel disease: from bench to bedside
Fergus Shanahan, Loren C. Karp, Stephan R. Targan

2. The changing faces of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
Anders Ekbom

3. Genetics of inflammatory bowel disease
Kent D. Taylor, Jerome I. Rotter, Yang Huiying

4. Experimental mouse models of inflammatory bowel disease: new insights into pathogenic mechanisms
Charles O. Elson, Casey T. Weaver

5. The normal intestinal mucosa: a state of ‘controlled inflammation’
Claudio Fiocchi

6. The lymphocyte-epithelial-bacterial interface
Robert Hershberg, Richard S. Blumberg

7. The mucosal inflammatory response. Cytokines and chemokines
Fabio Cominelli, Kristen O. Arseneau, Theresa T. Pizarro

8. Role of the microcirculation in chronic gut inflammation
Matthew B. Grisham, F. Stephen Laroux, D. Neil Granger

9. Remission, relapse, intestinal healing and repair
Michael N. Göke, Daniel K. Podolsky

10. Antibodies in the exploration of inflammatory bowel disease pathogenesis and disease stratification
Jonathan Braun, Offer Cohavy, Mark Eggena

11. Pathophysiology of inflammatory bowel disease: the effect of inflammation on intestinal function
Stephen M. Collins, Kenneth Croitoru

12. Systemic consequences of intestinal inflammation
Konstantinos A. Papadakis, Maria T. Abreu

Section II. The Bedside

13. Understanding symptoms and signs in inflammatory bowel disease
Cornelius C. Cronin, Fergus Shanahan

14. Clinical course and complications of ulcerative colitis and ulcerative proctitis
Remo Panaccione, Lloyd R. Sutherland

15. Clinical features and complications of Crohn’s disease
William J. Tremaine

16. Mechanisms of systemic inflammation associated with intestinal injury
R. Balfour Sartor, Steven N. Lichtman

17. Pathology of inflammatory bowel disease: a critical appraisal in diagnosis and management
Galen Cortina, Klaus Lewin

18. An endoscopic and histologic perspective of diagnosis: when, where, and what to do
Charles N. Bernstein, Robert H. Riddell

19. Radiologic (radiographic) and imaging features of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease
Edward Fitzgerald

20. New diagnostic approaches in inflammatory bowel disease
Lori Kam, Eric A. Vasiliauskas

21. Differential diagnosis of colitis
Sue C. Eng, Christina M. Surawicz

22. ‘Disease management’ in chronic medical conditions
David H. Alpers

23. Pharmacoeconomics and inflammatory bowel disease
Brian G. Feagan

24. Measuring quality of life in inflammatory bowel disease
E. Jan Irvine

25. Clinical pharmacology in inflammatory bowel disease: optimizing current medical therapy
Laurence J. Egan, William J. Sandborn

26. Multi-site therapeutic modalities for inflammatory bowel diseases — mechanisms of action
Gerhard Rogler

27. Targeted therapies for inflammatory bowel disease
Sander J. H. Deventer

28. Role of antibiotics and probiotics in the management of inflammatory bowel disease
Philippe Marteau, Fergus Shanahan

29. Nutrition in inflammatory bowel disease
Gregg W. Citters, Henry C. Lin

30. Medical management of ulcerative colitis
William J. Sandborn

31. Surgical management of ulcerative colitis
Ian Lindsey, Neil J. McC Mortensen

32. Pouchitis: clinical characteristics and management
Uma Mahadevan, William J. Sandborn

33. Medical therapy for Crohn’s disease
Stephen B. Hanauer, Themistocles Dassopoulos

34. Surgery for Crohn’s disease
Robin S. McLeod

35. Postoperative prevention of recurrence of Crohn’s disease
Filip Baert, Geert D’Haens, Paul Rutgeerts

36. The molecular pathology of inflammatory bowel disease-associated neoplasia and preneoplasia
Stephen Meltzer

37. Dysplasia in inflammatory bowel disease: clinical pathology and current surveillance methods
Catherine J. Streutker, Rodger C. Haggitt, Robert H. Riddell

38. Hepatobiliary disorders
Sue Cullen, Roger Chapman

39. Articular and ocular complications of inflammatory bowel disease
Timothy R. Orchard, Derek P. Jewell

40. Cutaneous manifestations of inflammatory bowel disease
Scott W. Binder

41. Fertility and pregnancy in inflammatory bowel disease
William Connell

42. Special considerations in the diagnosis and management of inflammatory bowel disease in the pediatric age group
Ernest G. Seidman, Arlene Caplan

43. Microscopic colitis: collagenous and lymphocytic colitis
Diarmuid O’Donoghue, Kieran Sheahan

44. Colon ischemia
Seth E. Persky, Lawrence J. Brandt

45. Diversion colitis
Konrad H. Soergel

46. Pseudomembranous colitis and Clostridium difficile infection
Richard J. Farrell, Lorraine Kyne, Ciarán P. Kelly

47. Infectious colitis
Michael J. G. Farthing

48. Human Immunodeficiency virus and inflammatory bowel disease
Charles Mel Wilcox

49. Bone metabolism and inflammatory bowel disease
Maria T. Abreu

Section III. Back to the Laboratory Bench

50. Epilogue: Bench to bedside and back to bench
Stephan R. Targan, Loren C. Karp, Fergus Shanahan

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Medical Biochemistry

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