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Glycobiology and Medicine

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Table of contents

1. Glycosylation: Disease Targets and Therapy
Nicole Zitzmann, Timothy Block, Anund Methta, Pauline Rudd, Dennis Burton, Ian Wilson, Frances Platt, Terry Butters, Raymond A. Dwek

2. Long Alkylchain Iminosugars Block the HCV p7 Ion Channel
D. Pavlovic, W. Fischer, M. Hussey, D. Durantel, S. Durantel, N. Branza-Nichita, S. Woodhouse, R. A. Dwek, N. Zitzmann

3. The Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus: A Model for the Study of Antiviral Molecules Interfering with N-Glycosylation and Folding of Enveloppe Glycoprotein
D. Durantel, N. Branza-Nichita, S. Durantel, R. A. Dweek, N. Zitzmann

4. Antibody Recognition of a Carbohydrate Epitope: A Template for HIV Vaccine Design
Chris Scanlan, Daniel Calarese, Hing-Ken Lee, Ola Blixt, Chi-Huey Wong, Ian Wilson, Dennis Burton, Raymond Dwek, Pauline Rudd

5. Interaction of Schistosome Glycans with the Host Immune System
Irma Die, Ellis Liempt, Christine M. C. Bank, Wietske E. C. M. Schiphorst

6. The Mannan-Binding Lectin (MBL) Pathway of Complement Activation: Biochemistry, Biology and Clinical Implications
Jens Christian Jensenius

7. Killer Cell Lectin-Like Receptors and the Natural Killer Cell Gene Complex
Ø. Nylenna, L. M. Flornes, I. H. Westgaard, P. Y. Woon, C. Naper, J. T. Vaage, D. Gauguier, J. C. Ryan, E. Dissen, S. Fossum

8. Glycosylation Influences the Ligand Binding Activities of Mannose Receptor
Yunpeng Roc Su, Clarence Tsang, Talitha Bakker, James Harris, Siamon Gordon, Raymond A. Dwek, Luisa Martinez-Pomares, Pauline M Rudd

9. Human Immunoglobulin Glycosylation and the Lectin Pathway of Complement Activation
James N. Arnold, Louise Royle, Raymond A. Dwek, Pauline M. Rudd, Robert B. Sim

10. Gelatinase B Participates in Collagen II Degradation and Releases Glycosylated Remnant Epitopes in Rheumatoid Arthritis
P. E. Steen, B. Grillet, G. Opdenakker

11. Hyaluronan in Immune Processes
Alan J. Wright, Anthony J. Day

12. Glycosylation and the Function of the T Cell Co-Receptor CD8
David A. Shore, Ian A. Wilson, Raymond A. Dwek, Pauline M. Rudd

13. Immunogenicity of Calreticulin-Bound Murine Leukemia Virus Glycoprotein gp90
Yusuke Mimura, Denise Golgher, Yuka Mimura-Kimura, Raymond A. Dwek, Pauline M. Rudd, Tim Elliott

14. Glycosylation and GPI Anchorage of the Prion Protein
N. M. Hooper

15. Glycosylation Defects and Muscular Dystrophy
Derek J. Blake, Christopher T. Esapa, Enca Martin-Rendon, R. A. Jeffrey McIlhinney

16. Roles of Complex and Hybrid N-Glycans and O-Fucose Glycans in Oocyte Development and Function
S. Shi, S. A. Williams, H. Kurniawan, L. Lu, P. Stanley

17. Mucin Oligosaccharides and Pigeon Fanciers’ Lung
C. I. Baldwin, A. Allen, S. Bourke, E. Hounsell, J. E. Calvert

18. Differential Glycosylation of Gelatinase B from Neutrophils and Breast Cancer Cells
Simon A. Fry, Philippe E. Steen, Louise Royle, Mark R. Wormald, Anthony J. Leathem, Ghislain Opdenakker, Pauline M. Rudd, Raymond A. Dwek

19. Detection of Glycosylation Changes in Serum and Tissue Proteins in Cancer by Lectin Blotting
R. E. Ferguson, D. H. Jackson, R. Hutson, N. Wilkinson, P. Harnden, P. Selby, R. E. Banks

20. Carbohydrates and Biology of Staphylococcal Infections
Andrej Tarkowski, Margareta Verdrengh, Ing-Marie Jonsson, Magnusson Mattias, Simon J Foster, Zai-Quing Liu

21. New Developments in Treating Glycosphingolipid Storage Diseases
Frances M. Platt, Mylvaganam Jeyakumar, Ulrika Andersson, Raymond A. Dwek, Terry D. Butters

22. Fucosylated Glycans in Innate and Adaptive Immmunity
J. B. Lowe

23. New Insights into Rheumatoid Arthritis Associated Glycosylation Changes
Azita Alavi, Andrew J. Pool, John S. Axford

24. Production of Complex Human Glycoproteins in Yeast
Tillman Gerngross

25. Relationships Between the N-Glycan Structures and Biological Activities Of Recombinant Human Erythropoietins Produced Using Different Culture Conditions and Purification Procedures
C-T. Yuen, P. L. Storring, R. J. Tiplady, M. Izquierdo, R. Wait, C. K. Gee, P. Gerson, P. Lloyd, J. A. Cremata

26. Glycosylation of Natural and Recombinant Antibody Molecules
Roy Jefferis


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