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Small-Animal Spect Imaging

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Table of contents

1. Biomedical Significance of Small-Animal Imaging
James M. Woolfenden, Zhonglin Liu

2. Detectors for Small-Animal SPECT I
Harrison H. Barrett, William C. J. Hunter

3. Detectors for Small-Animal SPECT II
Harrison H. Barrett

4. The Animal in Animal Imaging
Gail Stevenson

5. Objective Assessment of Image Quality
Matthew A. Kupinski, Eric Clarkson

6. SPECT Imager Design and Data-Acquisition Systems
Lars R. Furenlid, Yi-Chun Chen, Hyunki Kim

7. Computational Algorithms in Small-Animal Imaging
Donald W. Wilson

8. Reconstruction Algorithm with Resolution Deconvolution in a Small-Animal PET Imager
Edward N. Tsyganov, Alexander I. Zinchenko, Nikolai V. Slavine, Pietro P. Antich, Serguei Y. Seliounine, Orhan K. Oz, Padmakar V. Kulkarni, Matthew A. Lewis, Ralph P. Mason, Robert W. Parkey

9. Estimates of Axial and Transaxial Resolution for One-, Two-, and Three-Camera Helical Pinhole SPECT
Scott D. Metzler, Ronald J. Jaszczak

10. Pinhole Aperture Design for Small-Animal Imaging
Chih-Min Hu, Jyh-Cheng Chen, Ren-Shyan Liu

11. Comparison of CsI(Ti) and Scintillating Plastic in a Multi-Pinhole/CCD-Based Gamma Camera for Small-Animal Low-Energy SPECT
Edmond Richer, Matthew A. Lewis, Billy Smith, Xiufeng Li, Serguei Seliounine, Ralph P. Mason, Peter P. Antich

12. Calibration of Scintillation Cameras and Pinhole SPECT Imaging Systems
Yi-Chun Chen, Lars R. Furenlid, Donald W. Wilson, Harrison H. Barrett

13. Imaging Dopamine Transporters in a Mouse Brain with Single-Pinhole SPECT
Jan Booij, Gerda Andringa, Kora Bruin, Jan Habraken, Benjamin Drukarch

14. A Micro-SPECT/CT System for Imaging of AA-Amyloidosis in Mice
Jens Gregor, Shaun Gleason, Stephen Kennel, Michael Paulus, Alan Solomon, Philip Hawkins, Jonathan Wall

15. Feasibility of Micro-SPECT/CT Imaging of Atherosclerotic Plaques in a Transgenic Mouse Model
Benjamin M. W. Tsui, Yuchuan Wang, Yujin Qi, Stacia Sawyer, Eric C. Frey, Stan Majewski, Martin G. Pomper

16. Effect of Respiratory Motion on Plaque Imaging in the Mouse Using Tc-99m Labeled Annexin-V
William P. Segars, Yuchuan Wang, Benjamin M. W. Tsui

17. Calibration and Performance of the Fully Engineered YAP-(S)PET Scanner for Small Rodents
Alberto Guerra, Nicola Belcari, Deborah Herbert, Alfonso Motta, Angela Vaiano, Giovanni Domenico, Elena Moretti, Nicola Sabba, Guido Zavattini, Marco Lazzorotti, Luca Sensi, Aldo Pinchera

18. A Small-Animal SPECT Imaging System Utilizing Position Tracking of Unanesthetized Mice
Andrew G. Weisenberger, Brian Kross, Stan Majewski, Vladimir Popov, Mark F. Smith, Benjamin Welch, Randolph Wojcik, James S. Goddard, Shaun S. Gleason, Michael J. Paulus, Steven R. Meikle, Martin Pomper

19. A Multidetector High-Resolution SPECT/CT Scanner with Continuous Scanning Capability
Tobias Funk, Mingshan Sun, Andrew B. Hwang, James Carver, Steve Thompson, Kevin B. Parnham, R. Luu, Bradley E. Patt, J. Li, Bruce H. Hasegawa

20. High-Resolution Multi-Pinhole Imaging Using Silicon Detectors
Todd E. Peterson, Donald W. Wilson, Harrison H. Barrett

21. Development and Characterization of a High-Resolution MicroSPECT System for Small-Animal Imaging
Yujin Qi, Benjamin M. W. Tsui, Yuchuan Wang, Bryan Yoder, Randolph Wojcik, Stan Majewski, Andrew G. Weisenberger

22. High-Resolution Radionuclide Imaging Using Focusing Gamma-Ray Optics
Michael Pivovaroff, William Barber, Tobias Funk, Bruce Hasegawa, Carmen Taylor, William Craig, Klaus Ziock

23. SPECT/Micro-CT Imaging of Bronchial Angiogenesis in a Rat
Anne V. Clough, Christian Wietholt, Robert C. Molthen, John C. Gordon, David L. Roerig

24. Projection and Pinhole-Based Data Acquisition for Small-Animal SPECT Using Storage Phosphor Technology
Matthew A. Lewis, Gary Arbique, Edmond Richer, Nikolai Slavine, M. Jennewein, Anca Constantinescu, Rolf Brekken, J. Guild, Edward N. Tsyganov, Ralph P. Mason, Peter P. Antich

25. Cardiac Pinhole-Gated SPECT in Small Animals
Tony Lahoutte, Chris Vanhove, Philippe R. Franken


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