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1. Fluctuation Correlation Spectroscopy in Cells:
E. Gratton, S. Breusegem, N. Barry, Q. Ruan, J. Eid

2. Dynamics of the Cell Membrane Observed under the Evanescent Wave Microscope and the Confocal Microscope
Susumu Terakawa, Takashi Sakurai, Takashi Tsuboi, Yoshihiko Wakazono, Jun-Ping Zhou, Seiji Yamamoto

3. Using GFP and FRET Technologies for Studying Signaling Mechanisms of Apoptosis in a Single Living Cell
Donald C. Chang, Liying Zhou, Kathy Q. Luo

4. Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Study on Protein-Protein Interaction in Single Living Cells
Xun Shen, Chunlei Zheng, Ziyang Lin, Yajun Yang, Hanben Niu

5. Functional Optical Coherence Tomography: Simultaneous in Vivo Imaging of Tissue Structure and Physiology
Zhongping Chen

6. Temporal Clustering Analysis of Cerebral Blood Flow Activation Maps Measured by Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging
Qingming Luo, Zheng Wang

7. Photo- and Sono-Dynamic Diagnosis of Cancer Mediated by Chemiluminescence Probes
Da Xing, Qun Chen

8. Bioluminescence Assay for the Human Chaperone MRJ Facilitated Refolding of Luciferase in Vitro
Meicai Zhu, Chenggang Liu, Ying Liu, Yinjing Wang, Tao Chen, Xinhua Zhao, Yaning Liu Liu

9. Essential Differences Between Coherent and Non-Coherent Effects of Photon Emission from Living Organisms
Fritz-Albert Popp

10. Parameters Characterizing Spontaneous Biophoton Signal as a Squeezed State in a Sample of Parmelia.Tinctorum
R. P. Bajpai

11. Biophotonic Analysis of Spontaneous Self-Organizing Oxidative Processes in Aqueous Systems
Vladimir L. Voeikov

12. Two-Dimensional Imaging and Spatiotemporal Analysis of Biophoton
Masaki Kobayashi

13. Ultraweak Photon Emission from Human Body
Roeland Wijk, Eduard Wijk

14. Laser-Ultraviolet-A Induced Biophotonic Emission in Cultured Mammalian Cells
Hugo J. Niggli, Salvatore Tudisco, Giuseppe Privitera, Lee Ann Applegate, Agata Scordino, Franco Musumeci

15. Biophoton Emission and Delayed Luminescence of Plants
Yu Yan

16. Biophoton Eemission and Defense Systems in Plants
Takahiro Makino, Kimihiko Kato, Hiroyuki Iyozumi, Youichi Aoshima


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