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Sliding Filament Mechanism in Muscle Contraction

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Table of contents

I.. Sliding Filament Mechanism at the Molecular Level

1. Early Developments in Muscle Research and the Role of New Structural Technologies
H. E. Huxley

2. The Molecular Basis of Cross-Bridge Function
Kenneth C. Holmes

3. Molecular Synchronization in Actomyosin Motors — From Single Molecule to Muscle Fiber Via Nanomuscle
Shin’ichi Ishiwata, Yuta Shimamoto, Daisuke Sasaki, Madoka Suzuki

4. Distribution of Crossbridge States in Contracting Muscle
Hugh E. Huxley, Massimo Reconditi, Alexander Stewart, Tom Irving

5. X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Striated Muscles
John M. Squire, Carlo Knupp, Manfred Roessle, Hind A. AL-Khayat, Thomas C. Irving, Felicity Eakins, Ngai-Shing Mok, Jeffrey J. Harford, Michael K. Reedy

6. Conformational Change and Regulation of Myosin Molecules
Mitsuo Ikebe, Xiang-dong Li, Katsuhide Mabuchi, Reiko Ikebe

II.. Mechanism of Muscle Contraction

7. Driving Filament Sliding: Weak binding cross-bridge states, strong binding cross-bridge states, and the power stroke
Bernhard Brenner, Enke Mählmann, Thomas Mattei, Theresia Kraft

8. Mysteries about Amplitude and Efficiency of Cross-Bridge Powerstroke
Haruo Sugi, Shigeru Chaen, Ibuki Shirakawa

9. Sarcomere Dynamics, Stepwise Shortening and the Nature of Contraction
Gerald H. Pollack, Felix A. Blyakhman, Xiumei Liu, Ekaterina Nagomyak

10. Crossbridge Formation Detected by Stiffness Measurements in Single Muscle Fibres
Barbara Colombini, Maria Angela Bagni, Rolando Berlinguer Palmini, Giovanni Cecchi

11. Non Cross-Bridge Stiffness in Skeletal Muscle Fibres at Rest and During Activity
Maria Angela Bagni, Barbara Colombini, Francesco Colomo, Rolando Berlinguer Palmini, Giovanni Cecchi

12. Nature’s Strategy for Optimizing Power Generation in Insect Flight Muscle
David Maughan, Jim Vigoreaux

III. Muscle Energetics

13. From Crossbridges to Metabolism: System Biology for Energetics
Martin J. Kushmerick

14. Energetics, Mechanics and Molecular Engineering of Calcium Cycling in Skeletal Muscle
Jack A. Rall

15. Heat, Phosphorus NMR and Microcalorimetry in Relation to the Mechanism of Filament Sliding
Kazuhiro Yamada

16. How Two-Foot Molecular Motors May Walk
Kazuhiko Kinosita, M. Yusuf Ali, Kengo Adachi, Katsuyuki Shiroguchi, Hiroyasu Itoh

IV.. Regulatory Mechanism and E-C Coupling

17. Molecular Basis of Calcium Regulation of Striated Muscle Contraction
I. Ohtsuki

18. Mechanisms of Calcium Release from the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum in Skeletal Muscle
Makoto Endo

19. From Inward Spread of Activation, Active Elongation to the Effect of Organic Calcium Channel Blockers in Muscle Excitation-Contraction Coupling
H Gonzalez-Serratos, A Ortega, R. Valle-Aguilera, R Chang

V.. Cardiac and Smooth Muscle

20. Cardiac Myosin Binding Protein C: Modulator of Contractility
Saul Winegrad

21. Human Atrial Myosin Light Chain 1 Expression Attenuates Heart Failure
Ahmed Ihab Abdelaziz, Ines Pagel, Wolfgang-Peter Schlegel, Monika Kott, Jan Monti, Hannelore Haase, Ingo Morano

22. Cytoplasmic Free Concentrations of Ca2+ in Skeletal Muscle Cells
Masato Konishi

23. Mysterious Beauty of Beating Heart: Cardiac mechano-energetico-informatics
Hiroyuki Suga

24. Is Myosin Phosphorylation Sufficient to Regulate Smooth Muscle Contraction?
Gabriele Pfitzer, Mechthild Schroeter, Veronika Hasse, Jun Ma, Klaus-Henning Rösgen, Silvia Rösgen, Neil Smyth

VI.. Other Aspects

25. Comparative Aspects of Crossbridge Function — Skinned Fibre Studies
J. Caspar Rüegg

26. Dynamic Structures of Myosin, Kinesin and Troponin as Detected by SDSL-ESR
Toshiaki Arata, Motoyoshi Nakamura, Shoji Ueki, Tomoki Aihara, Kazunori Sugata, Hiroko Kusuhara, Yukio Yamamoto

27. Mutations of Transcription Factors in Human with Heart Disease for Understanding the Development and Mechanisms of Congenital Cardiovascular Heart Disease
Rumiko Matsuoka

28. General Discussion Part I Skeletal Muscle Mechanics

29. General Discussion Part II Skeletal Muscle Energetics

30. General Discussion — Skeletal Muscle III Structural Studies

31. General Discussion Part IV Cardiac Muscle

32. General Discussion Part V Smooth Muscle

33. Concluding Remarks
H. E. Huxley

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Medical Biochemistry, Imaging / Radiology, Cardiology, Biomedical Engineering

Publication year
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Page amount
442 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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