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Variational Analysis and Applications

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Table of contents

1. The Work of G. Stampacchia in Variational Inequalities
J. -L. Lions

2. In Memory of Guido Stampacchia
M. G. Garroni

3. The Collaboration between Guido Stampacchia and Jacques-Louis Lions on Variational Inequalities
E. Magenes

4. In Memory of Guido Stampacchia
O. G. Mancino

5. Guido Stampacchia
Silvia Mazzone

6. Memories of Guido Stampacchia
L. Nirenberg

7. In Memory of Guido Stampacchia
C. Sbordone

8. Guido Stampacchia, My Father
G. Stampacchia

9. Convergence and Stability of a Regularization Method for Maximal Monotone Inclusions and Its Applications to Convex Optimization
Ya. I. Alber, D. Butnariu, G. Kassay

10. Partitionable Mixed Variational Inequalities
E. Allevi, A. Gnudi, I. V. Konnov, E. O. Mazurkevich

11. Irreducibility of the Transition Semigroup Associated with the Two Phase Stefan Problem
Viorel Barbu, Giuseppe Prato

12. On Some Boundary Value Problems for Flows with Shear Dependent Viscosity
H. Beirão da Veiga

13. Homogenization of Systems of Partial Differential Equations
A. Bensoussan

14. About the Duality Gap in Vector Optimization
G. Bigi, M. Pappalardo

15. Separation of Convex Cones and Extremal Problems
V. Boltyanski

16. Infinitely Many Solutions for the Dirichlet Problem Via a Variational Principle of Ricceri
F. Cammaroto, A. Chinnì, B. Bella

17. A Density Result on the Space VMO

A. O. Caruso, M. S. Fanciullo

18. Linear Complementarity Since 1978
Richard W. Cottle

19. Variational Inequalities in Vector Optimization
G. P. Crespi, I. Ginchev, M. Rocca

20. Variational Inequalities for General Evolutionary Financial Equilibrium
P. Daniele

21. Variational Control Problems with Constraints Via Exact Penalization
V. F. Demyanov, F. Giannessi, G. Sh. Tamasyan

22. Continuous Sets and Non-Attaining Fuctionals in Reflexive Banach Spaces
Emil Ernst, Michel Théra

23. Existence and Multiplicity Results for a Non Linear Hammerstein Integral Equation
F. Faraci

24. Differentiability of Weak Solutions of Nonlinear Second Order Parabolic Systems with Quadratic Growth and Non Linearity q ? 2
L. Fattorusso

25. An Optimization Problem with an Equilibrium Constraint in Urban Transport
P. Ferrari

26. Sharp Estimates for Green’s Functions: Singular Cases
M. G. Garroni

27. First-Order Conditions for C
0,1 Constrained Vector Optimization
I. Ginchev, A. Guerraggio, M. Rocca

28. Global Regularity for Solutions to Dirichlet Problem for Elliptic Systems with Nonlinearity q ? 2 and with Natural Growth
S. Giuffrè, G. Idone

29. Optimality Conditions for Generalized Complementarity Problems
S. Giuffré, G. Idone, A. Maugeri

30. Variational Inequalities for Time Dependent Financial Equilibrium with Price Constraints
S. Giuffrè, S. Pia

31. Remarks About Diffusion Mediated Transport: Thinking About Motion in Small Systems
S. Hastings, D. Kinderlehrer

32. Augmented Lagrangian and Nonlinear Semidefinite Programs
X. X. Huang, X. Q. Yang, K. L. Teo

33. Optimality Alternative: a Non-Variational Approach to Necessary Conditions
A. D. Ioffe

34. A Variational Inequality Scheme for Determining an Economic Equilibrium of Classical or Extended Type
A. Jofre, R. T. Rockafellar, R. J. -B. Wets

35. On Time Dependent Vector Equilibrium Problems
A. Khan, F. Raciti

36. On Some Nonstandard Dynamic Programming Problems of Control Theory
A. B. Kurzhanski, P. Varaiya

37. Properties of Gap Function for Vector Variational Inequality
S. J. Li, G. Y. Chen

38. Zero Gravity Capillary Surfaces and Integral Estimates
G. M. Lieberman

39. Asymptotically Critical Points and Multiple Solutions in the Elastic Bounce Problem
A. Marino, C. Saccon

40. A Branch-and-Cut to the Point-to-Point Connection Problem on Multicast Networks
C. N. Meneses, C. A. S. Oliveira, P. M. Pardalos

41. Variational Inequality and Evolutionary Market Disequilibria: The Case of Quantity Formulation
M. Milasi, C. Vitanza

42. Numerical Approximation of Free Boundary Problem by Variational Inequalities. Application to Semiconductor Devices
M. Morandi Cecchi, R. Russo

43. Sensitivity Analysis for Variational Systems
B. S. Mordukhovich

44. Stable Critical Points for the Ginzburg Landau Functional on Some Plane Domains
M. K. Venkatesha Murthy

45. The Distance Function to the Boundary and Singular Set of Viscosity Solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi Equation
L. Nirenberg

P-Regularity for Poincaré Problem and Applications
Dian K. Palagachev

47. Minimal Fractions of Compact Convex Sets
D. Pallaschke, R. Urba?ski

48. On Generalized Variational Inequalities
B. Panicucci, M. Pappalardo

49. Bounded (Hausdorff) Convergence: Basic Facts and Applications
Jean-Paul Penot, Constantin Z?linescu

50. Control Processes with Distributed Parameters in Unbounded Sets. Approximate Controllability with Variable Initial Locus
G. Pulvirenti, G. Santagati, A. Villani

51. Well Posedness and Optimization Problems
L. Pusillo

52. Semismooth Newton Methods for Shape-Preserving Interpolation, Option Price and Semi-Infinite Programs
L. Qi

53. Hölder Regularity Results for Solutions of Parabolic Equations
M. A. Ragusa

54. Survey on the Fenchel Problem of Level Sets
T. Rapcsák

55. Integral Functionals on Sobolev Spaces Having Multiple Local Minima
B. Ricceri

56. Aspects of the Projector on Prox-Regular Sets
S. M. Robinson

57. Application of Optimal Control Theory to Dynamic Soaring of Seabirds
G. Sachs, P. Bussotti

58. On the Convergence of the Matrices Associated to the Adjugate Jacobians
C. Sbordone

59. Quasi-Variatonal Inequalities Applied to Retarded Equilibria in Time-Dependent Traffic Problems
L. Scrimali

60. Higher Order Approximation Equations for the Primitive Equations of the Ocean
E. Simonnet, T. Tachim-Medjo, R. Temam

61. Hahn-Banach Theorems and Maximal Monotonicity
S. Simons

62. Concrete Problems and the General Theory of Extremum
V. M. Tikhomirov

63. Numerical Solution for Pseudomonotone Variational Inequality Problems by Extragradient Methods
F. Tinti

64. Regularity and Existence Results for Degenerate Elliptic Operators
C. Vitanza, P. Zamboni

65. Vector Variational Inequalities and Dynamic Traffic Equilibria
X. Q. Yang, H. Yu

66. A New Proof of the Maximal Monotonicity of the Sum Using the Fitzpatrick Function
C. Z?linescu

Keywords: Mathematics, Analysis, Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control, Optimization, Optimization, Ordinary Differential Equations, Applications of Mathematics

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Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications
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