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Activity and Sign

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Table of contents

1. Grounding Mathematics Education
Michael H. G. Hoffmann, Johannes Lenhard, Falk Seeger

2. Mathematics, Sign and Activity
Michael Otte

A.. Sign Processes

3. Agency and Creativity in the Semiotics of Learning Mathematics
Paul Ernest

4. The Semiotic Approach to Mathematical Evidence and Generalization
Susanna Marietti

5. Signs as Means for Discoveries
Michael H. G. Hoffmann

6. Diagrammatic Thinking
Willibald Dörfler

7. Notes on a Semiotically Inspired Theory of Teaching and Learning
Falk Seeger

B.. Sign Processes in the Mathematics Classroom

8. Semiotic Mediation in the Primary School
Maria G. Bartolini Bussi, Maria Alessandra Mariotti, Franca Ferri

9. Do Mathematical Symbols Serve to Describe or Construct “Reality”?
Heinz Steinbring

10. Metaphor and Metonymy in Processes of Semiosis in Mathematics Education
Norma Presmeg

11. On Practical and Theoretical Thinking and Other False Dichotomies in Mathematics Education
Anna Sierpinska

12. The Semiotics of the Schema
Luis Radford

C.. Mathematics Education as a Science

13. Towards a Normal Science of Mathematics Education?
Kenneth Ruthven

14. The Study of the Didactical Conditions of School Learning in Mathematics
Guy Brousseau

15. The Formal, The Social and the Subjective
Roland Fischer

D.. Crossing Boundaries

16. Reflective Learning
Bernd Fichtner

17. Thinking and Knowing About Knowledge
Rainer Bromme

18. The Cognitive Unconscious
Thomas Mies

E.. History of Mathematics and Mathematics Education

19. Hilbert, Weyl, and the Philosophy of Mathematics
Hans Niels Jahnke

20. Mathematical Metaphors in Natorp’s Neo-Kantian Epistemology and Philosophy of Science
Thomas Mormann

21. Newton’s Program of Mathematizing Nature
Karl-Norbert Ihmig

22. Did Hermann and Robert Graßmann Contribute to the Emergence of Formal Axiomatics?
Mircea Radu

23. A Case Study in Generalisation
Gert Schubring

24. Some German Contributions to Mathematics Research in Brazil
Circe Mary Silva Silva Dynnikov

F.. Making Philosophy of Mathematics Relevant

25. Data Structures and Virtual Worlds
Andreas Dress

26. Variables, in Particular Random Variables
Hermann Dinges

27. Deduction, Perception, and Modeling
Johannes Lenhard

28. Models of Data, Theoretical Models, and Ontology
C. Ulises Moulines

29. Some Sober Conceptions of Mathematical Truth
Marco Panza

30. Can There Be an Alternative Mathematics, Really?
Jean Paul Bendegen

G.. Coda

31. An Interview with Michael Otte
Roland Fischer

Keywords: Education, Mathematics Education, Philosophy, History of Science

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