Ismail, Mourad E.H.

Theory and Applications of Special Functions

Ismail, Mourad E.H. - Theory and Applications of Special Functions, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Mizan Rahman, His Mathematics and Literary Writings
Richard Askey, Mourad E.H. Ismail, Erik Koelink

2. On the Completeness of Sets of q-Bessel Functions J?(3)(x; q)
L. D. Abreu, J. Bustoz

3. a-Gaussian Polynomials and Finite Rogers-Ramanujan Identities
George E. Andrews

4. On a Generalized Gamma Convolution Related to the q-Calculus
Christian Berg

5. Ramanujan and Cranks
Bruce C. Berndt, Heng Huat Chant, Song Heng Chan, Wen-Chin Liawt

6. The Saalschütz Chain Reactions and Multiple q-Series Transformations
C H U Wenchang

7. Painlevé Equations and Associated Polynomials
Peter A. Clarkson

8. Zeta Functions of Heisenberg Graphs over Finite Rings
Michelle DeDeo, María Martínez, Archie Medrano, Marvin Minei, Harold Stark, Audrey Terras

9. q-Analogues of Some Multivariable Biorthogonal Polynomials
George Gasper, Mizan Rahman

10. Some Systems of Multivariable Orthogonal Askey-Wilson Polynomials
George Gasper, Mizan Rahman

11. Continuous Hahn Functions as Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients
Wolter Groenevelt, Erik Koelink, Hjalmar Rosengren

12. New Proofs of Some q-Series Results
Mourad E.H. Ismail, Ruiming Zhang

13. The Little q-Jacobi Functions of Complex Order
Kevin W. J. Kadell

14. A Second Addition Formula for Continuous q-Ultraspherical Polynomials
Tom H. Koornwinder

15. A Bilateral Series Involving Basic Hypergeometric Functions
Hjalmar Rosengren

16. The Hilbert Space Asymptotics of a Class of Orthonormal Polynomials on a Bounded Interval
S. N. M. Ruijsenaars

17. Abel-Rothe Type Generalizations of Jacobi's Triple Product Identity
Michael Schlosser

18. Summable Sums of Hypergeometric Series
D. Stanton

19. Askey-Wilson Functions and Quantum Groups
Jasper V. Stokman

20. An Analog of the Cauchy-Hadamard Formula for Expansions in q-Polynomials
Sergei K. Suslov

21. Strong Nonnegative Linearization of Orthogonal Polynomials
Ryszard Szwarc

22. Remarks on Some Basic Hypergeometric Series
Changgui Zhang


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