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Mechanisms of Lymphocyte Activation and Immune Regulation X

Gupta, Sudhir - Mechanisms of Lymphocyte Activation and Immune Regulation X, ebook


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Table of contents

1. TIR Domain-Containing Adaptors Regulate TLR Signaling Pathways
Masahiro Yamamoto, Shizuo Akira

2. Toll-Like Receptors: Linking Innate and Adaptive Immunity
Chandrashekhar Pasare, Ruslan Medzhitov

3. Activation of Insect and Vertebrate Toll Signaling: From Endogenous Cytokine Ligand to Direct Recognition of Pathogen Patterns
Nicholas J. Gay, Alexander N. R. Weber, Monique Gangloff

4. Genetic Analysis of Innate Immunity: Identification and Function of the TIR Adapter Proteins
Bruce Beutler, Kasper Hoebe, Philippe Georgel, Koichi Tabeta, Xin Du

5. NF-?B, an Evolutionarily Conserved Mediator of Immune and Inflammatory Responses
Changchun Xiao, Sankar Ghosh

6. Influence of KIR Diversity on Human Immunity
Peter Parham

7. NKG2D in Innate and Adaptive Immunity
Lewis L. Lanier

8. Specific and Non-Specific Natural Killer Cell Responses to Viral Infection
Wayne M. Yokoyama

9. Antigen Processing and Presentation by Dendritic Cells: Cell Biological Mechanisms
Ira Mellman

10. Human Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin Triggers Dendritic Cell-Mediated Allergic Inflammation and CD4+ T Cell Homeostatic Expansion
Norihiko Watanabe, Vassili Soumelis, Yong-Jun Liu

11. Role of TRAF6 in the Immune System
Yongwon Choi

12. The Innate Functions of Dendritic Cells in Peripheral Lymphoid Tissues
Ralph M. Steinman, Laura Bonifaz, Shin-ichiro Fujii, Kang Liu, David Bonnyay, Sayuri Yamazaki, Maggi Pack, Daniel Hawiger, Tomonori Iyoda, Kayo Inaba, Michel C. Nussenzweig

13. The Mannose-Binding Lectin: An Infection Susceptibility Gene
R. Alan Ezekowitz, Lei Shi, Iain Fraser, Kazue Takahashi

14. Immunotherapy Via Dendritic Cells
A. Karolina Palucka, Beatrice Laupeze, Caroline Aspord, Hiroaki Saito, Gaetan Jego, Joseph Fay, Sophie Paczesny, Virginia Pascual, Jacques Banchereau

15. Ontogeny of Lagerhans Cells and Graft Versus Host Disease
Miriam Merad

16. Role of the CD19 and CD21/35 Receptor Complex in Innate Immunity, Host Defense and Autoimmunity
Karen M. Haas, Thomas F. Tedder

17. Role of Complement Receptor 2 in the Pathogenesis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Susan A. Boackle

18. Complement Regulation During Pregnancy
Hector Molina

Keywords: Biomedicine, Immunology, Molecular Medicine, Cell Biology, Rheumatology

Publication year
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Page amount
171 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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