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Hormonal Carcinogenesis IV

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Table of contents

1. Symposium Address
William R. Brinkley, David L. Stenoien, Thea Goepfert

2. Chromosomal Instability: A New Paradigm for Estrogen-induced Oncogenesis
Jonathan J. Li, Jeffrey Salisbury, Sara Antonia Li

3. The Molecular Pathogenesis of Human Prostate Cancer
William G. Nelson, Angelo M. DeMarzo, Theodore L. DeWeese, William B. Isaacs

Part 1.. Breast Cancer I: Progesterone Action

4. Pathologic, Clinical, and Epidemiologic Characteristics of Invasive Lobular Breast Carcinoma and a Review of Studies Evaluating its Association with Hormone Replacement Therapy
Christopher I. Li

5. Progestin-Regulated Genes and Breast Cancer Risk: Good or Bad?
Henri Rochefort, Majida Esslimani-Sahla, Dany Chalbos

6. Role of Progesterone Receptors in Mammary Development and Carcinogenesis
Gopalan Shyamala

Part 2.. Breast Cancer II: Mechanisms of Genomic Instability

7. c-Myc Deregulation Promotes a Complex Network of Genomic Instability
Sabine Mai, Amanda Guffei, Thierry Fest, J. Frederic Mushinski

8. Deregulation of Cyclin E and Genomic Instability
Charles H. Spruck, Adrian P. L. Smith, Susanna Ekholm Reed, Olle Sangfelt, Jaimie Keck, Heimo Strohmaier, Juan Méndez, Martin Widschwendter, Bruce Stillman, Anders Zetterberg, Steven I. Reed

9. Centrosome Amplification and the Origin of Chromosomal Instability in Breast Cancer
Jeffrey L. Salisbury

Part 3.. Breast and Prostate: Early In-Situ Lesions

10. Premalignant Breast Disease: Anatomic Lesions and Hormonal Associations
David L. Page

11. Aromatase Overexpression: Effect of Tissue Estrogen on Phenotypic and Biochemical Changes in Aromatase Transgenic Mice
Rajeshwar Rao Tekmal, Nameer Kirma, Usha Mandava, Roopa Luthra

12. Prostate Epithelial Carcinogenesis: Putative and Controversial Precursor Lesions
Cristina Magi-Galluzzi, Angelo M. Marzo

Part 4.. Promotion/Prevention of Hormone Cancers

13. Estrogen Can Prevent Breast Cancer by Mimicking the Protective Effect of Pregnancy
Satyabrata Nandi, Raphael C. Guzman, Gudmundur Thordarson, Lakshmanaswamy Rajkumar

14. Aromatase Inhibition and Breast Cancer
William R. Miller

Part 5.. Prostate I: Androgen/Estrogen Action

15. Androgens and Prostate Cancer Etiology: Sorting Through the Evidence
Ronald K. Ross, Leigh Pearce, Juergen K. V. Reichardt, Gerhard A. Coetzee

16. Id-1 Protein as a New Marker for PCA
Y C Wong, M T Ling, X H Wang, X S Ouyang, A L M Cheung, Franky L Chan

Part 6.. Prostate II: Androgen Receptor: Dependence/Resistance

17. Four Stages of Prostate Cancer: Suppression and Eradication by Androgen and Green Tea Epigallocatechin Gallate
Shutsung Liao, John M. Kokontis, Chih-pin Chuu, Stephen Hsu, Junichi Fukuchi, Mai Dang, Richard A. Hiipakka

18. Androgen Receptor and Interleukin-6 Signaling In PCA Progression
Zoran Culig, Hannes Steiner, Sonia Godoy-Tundidor, Barbara Comuzzi, Georg Bartsch, Alfred Hobisch

19. Role of the Androgen Receptor and PI3K/Akt in the Survival of Androgen-Refractory Prostate Cancer Cells
Haojie Huang, Donald J. Tindall

Part 7.. Endometrium/Ovarian/Colon

20. The BDII Inbred Rat: A Model for Genetic Analysis of Endometrial Carcinoma
Karin Klinga-Levan, Göran Levan

21. Potential Role of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone and Estrogen in Ovarian Cancer
Peter C. K. Leung, Kyung-Chul Choi, Nelly Auersperg

22. Dose of Progestogen in Postmenopausal Combined Hormone Therapy and Risk of Endometrial Cancer
Susan D. Reed, Lynda F. Voigt, Shirley A. Beresford, Deirdre A. Hill, Jennifer A. Doherty, Noel S. Weiss

23. Mammographic Densities and Urinary Hormones in Healthy Women with Different Ethnic Backgrounds
Gertraud Maskarinec, Andrew E. Williams, Sabina Rinaldi, Rudolph Kaaks

24. Polymorphism of the Estrogen Receptor-? Gene in Breast Cancer
Cristina Caraion, Nadine Vincent, Claude Lambert, Constantin Caraion, Guorong Li, Pierre Seffert, Jean-Marc Dumollard, Christian Genin

25. Characterization of Genetic Polymorphism of Glycine N-Methyltransferase Gene in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Yu-Chuen Huang, Yi-Ping Shih, Chun-Chih Li, Li-Ying Liao, Yi-Ming A. Chen

26. Role of Soy Phytoestrogens Genistein and Daidzein in Focal Adhesion Assembly and Focal Adhesion Kinase Activity in Breast Cancer Cells
Nicolas G. Azios, Suranganie F. Dharmawardhane

27. Identification of Genes Regulated by the Antiprogestin, Onapristone, in Breast Cancer Cells using Microarray Analysis
Simon J. Crook, J. David Brook, Anette Sommer, Joern Kraetzschmar, John F. R. Robertson

28. Expression of Estrogen ? and ? Variants, Androgen, and Progesterone Receptors in Human Normal and Neoplastic Endometrium
Maciej Skrzypczak, Sylwia Zagulska-Szymczak, Rosette Lidereau, Ivan Bieche, Sebastian Lewandowski, Katarzyna Radwanska, Cezary Szczylik, Michael Vidaud, Jerzy A. Jakowicki, Leszek Kaczmarek

29. Toremifene (ACAPODENE™) Reduces High Grade Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasis in a Phase IIa Clinical Trial
Mitchell S. Steiner

30. Stereological Study of Mean Nuclear Volume Weighted by Volume in Normal Prostate, Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia, and Adenocarcinoma
Fernando Teba, Rocio Martín, Vicente Gómez, Luis Santamaría

31. Constitutively Active Androgen Receptor Variant Detected in a Human Prostate Cancer
Jocelyn Céraline, Marion D. Cruchant, Eva Erdmann, Philippe Erbs, Jean-Emmanuel Kurtz, Brigitte Duclos, Didier Jacqmin, Dominique Chopin, Patrick Dufour, Jean-Pierre Bergerat

32. Cancer Prevention by Green Tea via EGCG-Mediated Inhibition of Fatty Acid Synthase
Koen Brusselmans, Ellen Schrijver, Walter Heyns, Guido Verhoeven, Johannes V. Swinnen

33. Silencing of the Fatty Acid Synthase Gene by RNA Interference Inhibits Growth and Induces Apoptosis of LNCaP Prostate Cancer Cells
Ellen Schrijver, Koen Brusselmans, Walter Heyns, Guido Verhoeven, Johannes V. Swinnen

34. Androgens Stimulate the SREBP Pathway in Prostate Cancer Cells by Inducing a Shift in the SCAP-Retention Protein(s) Balance
Hannelore Heemers, Walter Heyns, Guido Verhoeven, Johannes V. Swinnen

35. Metabolism of 17?-Estradiol in ACI Rat Liver and Mammary Gland After Chronic Estradiol Treatment
Sonia Mesia-Vela, Rosa I Sanchez, Kenneth R. Reuhl, Allan H. Conney, Frederick C. Kauffman

36. Modulation of Transforming and Clastogenic Activities of Catechol Estrogens by a Catechol-O-methyltransferase Inhibitor in Syrian Hamster Embryo Fibroblasts
Takeki Tsutsui, Takeo W. Tsutsui, Yukiko Tamura, J. Carl Barrett

37. Bi-directional Regulation of Human Progesterone Receptors and the Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase Pathway in Breast Cancer Cell Models
Emily Faivre, Ming Qiu, Carol A. Lange

38. Abnormal Properties of Mutants in the Hinge Region of ER?: Implications in Breast Cancer
Carlos Martínez-Campa, Pedro Zuazua, Juana María García-Pedrero, Pedro Casado, Pedro Sánchez Lazo, Sofía Ramos

39. The Effects of Eicosapentaenoic Acid Upon Proliferation and 17?-Dehydrogenase Activity in MCF-7 Breast Carcinoma Cells
Alison S. Whitehouse, Eftychia Oikonomou, Eric F. Adams

40. Effect of Dietary Genistein on Estradiol-induced Mammary Carcinogenesis in the ACI Rat
Valerie K. Turan, Kenneth R. Reuhl, Paul E. Thomas

41. Cytogenetic Analysis of Genomic Destabilization in Solely Estrogen-Induced Female ACI Rat Mammary Neoplasms
Dan Papa, Jonathan J. Li, Sara Antonia Li

42. Microarray Analysis of Estrogen-induced Protection Against Breast Cancer
Lakshmanaswamy Rajkumar, Demi-Nhung Dang, Mark D. Hartnett, David L. Hirschberg, Kenneth C. Loh, Raphael C. Guzman, Gudmundur Thordarson, Satyabrata Nandi

43. Pregnancy Level of Estrogen Prevents Mammary Cancers
Raphael C. Guzman, Lakshmanaswamy Rajkumar, Gudmundur Thordarson, Satyabrata Nandi

44. Hormonal Dependence of Mammary Premalignant Progression
Daniel Medina, Frances S. Kittrell, Anne Shepard, Jamel Hill, Powel Brown

45. The Possible Role of IGF-I and Androgens in the Development of Canine Inflammatory Mammary Carcinoma
Juan Carlos Illera, Gema Silván, M. Dolores Pérez-Alenza, Ana R. Sánchez-Archidona, Ana Nieto, Laura Peña

46. Hormonal Activation of the Gab-1 Docking Protein in Uterine Cells
Diane M. Klotz, Jon A. Proctor, David K. Walmer, R. Gregg Richards, Richard P. DiAugustine

47. Endometrial Adenocarcinoma in Syrian Hamsters Treated with Diethylstilbestrol, Tamoxifen and N-Ethyl-Nitrosourea
Jaime Ferrer, Faustino Pérez-Mínguez, Antonio Leal, Amando Peydró, Antonio Llombart-Bosch

48. Hormonal Regulation of ZEB-1 and Implication for Progression of Human Reproductive Cancers
Bynthia M. Anose, Michael P. Linnes, Michel M. Sanders

49. Evaluation of Messenger RNA of Pituitary Tumour-transforming Gene-1 (PTTG1) as a Molecular Marker for Micrometastasis
Manuel Valladares Ayerbes, Lourdes Calvo, Guillermo Alonso, Pilar Iglesias, Maria J Lorenzo, Inmaculada Brandón, Mar Haz, Marga Reboredo, Silvia Antolín, Luis Antón Aparicio

50. Presence of CCK-B Receptor mRNA in Human Functionless Pituitary Tumors
Eftychia Oikonomou, Alison Whitehouse, Rosalind Mitchell, Eric F. Adams

51. Estrogen-Induced Mutations and Its Role in the Development of Tumorigenesis
Kamleshwar P. Singh, Jose Antonio López-Guerrero, Antonio Llombart-Bosch, Deodutta Roy

52. Englitazone Delays Fetal Growth in Late Gestation in the Rat
Julio Sevillano, Inmaculada C. López-Pérez, Emilio Herrera, M. Pilar Ramos, Carlos Bocos

53. The Tumor Suppressor Gene PTEN Plays a Role in Cell Cycle Regulation and Apoptosis in Prostate Cancer Cell Lines
Alice Hlobilková, Michaela Šváchová, Jana Knillová, Eva Pimrová, Petra ?iháková, Per Guldberg, Zden?k Kolá?

54. The Coactivators CBP and p300 in Androgen Independent Prostate Cancer
Jose D. Debes, Zoran Culig, Donald J. Tindall

55. Expression Study of Estrogen Receptor-related Receptors and Steroid Hormone Receptors in Human Prostatic Cells
C. P. Cheung, Lung-Wai Chan, Ki Lui, Uwe Borgmeyer, Shiuan Chen, Franky L. Chan

56. Immunohistochemical and In-Situ Detection of Sex Hormone-binding Globulin (SHBG) Expression in Breast and Prostate Cancer: Implications for Hormone Regulation
Scott M. Kahn, Daniel J. Hryb, Atif M. Nakhla, Saeed M. Khan, Nicholas A. Romas, William Rosner

57. Activation of Androgen Receptor in Prostate Cancer: Role of Protein Kinase A and Extracellular Signal-regulated Kinases
Yehia Daaka, Elizabeth Kasbohm, Charles Yowell

58. Cadmium and Zinc Chloride-induced Preneoplastic Changes in the Rat Ventral Prostate: An Immunohistochemical and Molecular Study
Riánsares Arriazu, José M. Pozuelo, Rosario Rodríguez, Nuno Henriques-Gil, Teresa Perucho, Rocío Martín, Luis Santamaría

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Oncology, Cancer Research, Medical Microbiology, Cell Biology

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