Crew, Michael A.

Regulatory and Economic Challenges in the Postal and Delivery Sector

Crew, Michael A. - Regulatory and Economic Challenges in the Postal and Delivery Sector, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Competition, Universal Service and the Graveyard Spiral
Michael A. Crew, Paul R. Kleindorfer

2. Will Entrants into a Liberalized Delivery Market Attract Investors
Robert H. Cohen, Matthew Robinson, Renee Sheehy, John Waller, Spyros Xenakis

3. Liberalization and Regulation of the Swiss Letter Market
Helmut M. Dietl, Urs Trinkner, Reto Bleisch

4. The Financial Equilibrium of Universal Service Providers in a Liberalized Postal Market
Roger Hill, Richard Robinson, Frank Rodriguez

5. Barriers to Entry in Post and Regulatory Responses
Richard Moriarty, Paul Smith

6. Competition and the Coverage of Price Controls in the Postal Sector
Paul Dudley, Helen Jenkins, Leonardo Mautino, Sophie Richard

7. Worksharing, Pricing and Competition in the Postal Sector
Etienne Billette de Villemeur, Helmuth Cremer, Bernard Roy, Joëlle Toledano

8. Access Pricing in the Postal Sector
Philippe Donder, Helmuth Cremer, Frank Rodriguez

9. Delivery Costs II
Catherine Cazals, Frédérique Fève, Jean-Pierre Florens, Bernard Roy

10. Delivery Costs for Postal Services in the UK
Catherine Cazals, Jean-Pierre Florens, Soterios Soteri

11. The Effects of Worksharing and Other Product Innovations on U. S. Postal Volumes and Revenues
Edward S. Pearsall

12. ETOEs—Arbitrageurs or Vehicles of Change in Postal Liberalization?
Joy M. Leong, Daniel Bahar, Dimosthenis Papakrivopoulos

13. Universal Service Providers
Mary Anne Gibbons

14. Selective Rate Discounts To Preserve First-Class Mail Volume
David M. Levy

15. Possible End Games in the European Postal Market
J. Strikwerda, D. Rijnders

16. Postal Liberalization in the EU
Mark Horst

17. Paper or Electronic?
Kari Elkelä

18. The Role of Pilot Projects in Facilitating Changes in Work Organization in the Postal Sector Canadian Case Study
Lynn Bue, Geoff Bickerton

19. Power and Discretion in Independent Regulation
João Confraria

20. United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General
David C. Williams, Thomas M. Sharkey


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