Sibinga, C. TH. Smit

Neonatology and Blood Transfusion

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Table of contents

I. Foetal and Neonatal Haematology

1. Regulation of Developmental Haematopoiesis By Gata Transcription Factors
Chr. Dame

2. Development of The Immune System In The Foetal and Perinatal Period
G. T. Rijkers, T. Niers, W. Jager, P. Janssens, K. Gaiser, S. Wiertsema, S. Hoeks, L. Corput, E. A. M. Sanders

3. Foetal and Neonatal Immunohaematological Responses: Consequences for Practical Management?
A. Brand, F. Walther, S. Scherjon, J. Beckhoven, H. Vietor, C. Meyer, M. Jansen, H. H. H. Kanhai

4. Biology of Thrombopoietin In the Human Foetus and Neonate
Chr. Dame

5. Discussion

II. Immunohaematology and Haemostasis

6. Management of Red Cell Alloimmunization in Pregnancy
I. L. Kamp, H. H. H. Kanhai

7. New Treatment Options in Neonatal Hyperbilirubinaemia
P. T. Pisciotto

8. Consensus and Controversy in Foetal and Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia
J. B. Bussel

9. The Bleeding Infant
H. M. Berg

10. Discussion

III. Blood Transfusion in the Neonate

11. Neonatal Thrombosis
L. Raffini, C. Manno

12. Criteria for Selecting a Red Blood Cell Product to Transfuse Anaemic Infants
R. G. Strauss

13. Hazards of Transfusion: GvHD
N. L. C. Luban

14. Non-Immune, Non-Infectious Complications of Transfusion
P. T. Pisciotto

15. Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in the Neonate with Respiratory Failure
N. L. C. Luban, B. L. Short

16. Discussion

IV. Cellular Therapies in Neonatology

17. Genetic Engineering for the Foetus and Neonate
K. M. Axsom, C. S. Manno

18. Meta-Analysis and Evidence-Based Decision Making in Neonatal Care
R. G. Strauss

19. Placental Blood Banking in the Year 2003
L. Lecchi, S. Giovanelli, I. Ratti, S. Cimoni, F. Garcea, P. Rebulla

20. Discussion

21. Epilogue
Noami Luban

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Hematology, Blood Transfusion Medicine

Publication year
Developments in Hematology and Immunology
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309 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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