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Supply Chain Optimisation

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Table of contents

Part I:.Modelling Techniques

1. An Initiative for International Consensus on Enterprise Inter- and Intra-Organisational Integration
Kurt Kosanke

2. Towards Knowledge Logistics in Agile SME Networks
Kurt Sandkuhl, Alexander Smirnov, Bengt Henoch

3. A Modelling Framework for Human Resource-Based Business Processes
Jorge Hermosillo Worley, Bernard Grabot, Laurent Geneste, Omar Aguirre

4. Managing Service-Sensitive Demand Through Simulation
Yuri Merkuryev, Julija Petuhova, Janis Grabis

5. Robust Modeling of Consumer Behaviour
Maxim Pashkevich, Alexandre Dolgui

6. Sizing, Cycle Time and Plant Control Using Dioid Algebra
Said Amari, Isabel Demongodin, Jean-Jacques Loiseau

7. Concurrent Processes Flow Prototyping
Zbigniew Banaszak, Michal Polak

8. Modelling of the Supply Chain for a Distributed Publishing Enterprise
Oleg Zaikin, Przemyslaw Korytkowski, Emma Kushtina, Bartlomiej Malachowski

Part II:.Optimisation Methods

9. Hybrid Methods for Line Balancing Problems
Corinne Boutevin, Laurent Deroussi, Michel Gourgand, Sylvie Norre

10. Stability of Optimal Line Balance with Given Station Set
Yuri N. Sotskov, Alexandre Dolgui, Nadezhda Sotskova, Frank Werner

11. Simple Plant Location Problem with Reverse Flows
Zhiqiang Lu, Nathalie Bostel, Pierre Dejax

12. Concave Cost Supply Management for Single Manufacturing Unit
Satyaveer Singh Chauhan, Anton Eremeev, Alexander Kolokolov, Vladimir Servakh

13. Product Family and Supply Chain Design
Jacques Lamothe, Khaled Hadj-Hamou, Michel Aldanondo

14. Sales and Operations Planning Optimisation
Patrick Genin, Samir Lamouri, André Thomas

15. Response Surface-Based Simulation Metamodelling Methods
Galina Merkuryeva

Part III:.Decision Aid Tools

16. A Modeling and Simulation Framework for Supply Chain Design
Hongwei Ding, Lyès Benyoucef, Xiaolan Xie

17. Internet Web-Based Integration of Process and Manufacturing Resources Planning
Algirdas Bargelis, Rasa Mankuté

18. Visual Representation of Material Flows in Chemical Plant Systems
Nadezhda Sotskova, Jörg Haustein, Winfried Jäicke, Wolfgang Thämelt

19. Identification-Based Condition Monitoring of Technical Systems
Anatoly Pashkevich, Gennady Kulikov, Peter Fleming, Mikhail Kazheunikau

20. Simulation of Distributed Industrial Systems
Stéphane Galland, Frédéric Grimaud, Philippe Beaune, Jean-Pierre Campagne


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