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Genetic Programming Theory and Practice II

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Table of contents

1. Genetic Programming: Theory and Practice
Una-May O’Reilly, Tina Yu, Rick Riolo, Bill Worzel

2. Discovering Financial Technical Trading Rules Using Genetic Programming with Lambda Abstraction
Tina Yu, Shu-Heng Chen, Tzu-Wen Kuo

3. Using Genetic Programming in Industrial Statistical Model Building
Flor Castillo, Arthur Kordon, Jeff Sweeney, Wayne Zirk

4. Population Sizing for Genetic Programming Based on Decision-Making
Kumara Sastry, Una-May O’Reilly, David E. Goldberg

5. Considering the Roles of Structure in Problem Solving by Computer
Jason M. Daida

6. Lessons Learned Using Genetic Programming in a Stock Picking Context
Michael Caplan, Ying Becker

7. Favourable Biasing of Function Sets Using Run Transferable Libraries
Conor Ryan, Maarten Keijzer, Mike Cattolico

8. Toward Automated Design of Industrial-Strength Analog Circuits by Means of Genetic Programming
John R. Koza, Lee W. Jones, Martin A. Keane, Matthew J. Streeter, Sameer H. Al-Sakran

9. Topological Synthesis of Robust Dynamic Systems by Sustainable Genetic Programming
Jianjun Hu, Erik Goodman

10. Does Genetic Programming Inherently Adopt Structured Design Techniques?
John M. Hall, Terence Soule

11. Genetic Programming of an Algorithmic Chemistry
W. Banzhaf, C. Lasarczyk

12. ACGP: Adaptable Constrained Genetic Programming
Cezary Z. Janikow

13. Using Genetic Programming to Search for Supply Chain Reordering Policies
Scott A. Moore, Kurt DeMaagd

14. Cartesian Genetic Programming and the Post Docking Filtering Problem
A. Beatriz Garmendia-Doval, Julian F. Miller, S. David Morley

15. Listening to Data: Tuning a Genetic Programming System
Duncan MacLean, Eric A. Wollesen, Bill Worzel

16. Incident Detection on Highways
Daniel Howard, Simon C. Roberts

17. Pareto-Front Exploitation in Symbolic Regression
Guido F. Smits, Mark Kotanchek

18. An Evolved Antenna for Deployment on Nasa’s Space Technology 5 Mission
Jason D. Lohn, Gregory S. Hornby, Derek S. Linden

Keywords: Computer Science, Theory of Computation, Computing Methodologies, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity, Programming Techniques

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Genetic Programming
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335 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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