Merzenich, Michael M.

Plasticity and Signal Representation in the Auditory System

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Table of contents

1. Interaural Time Difference Processing
Alan R. Palmer, Benedikt Grothe

2. Interplay of Excitation and Inhibition in Auditory Brainstem Processing at Endbulbs of Held of the MNTB and AVCN
Susanne Dehmel, Cornelia Kopp-Scheinpflug, Rudolf Rübsamen

3. Topographic Representation of Periodicity Information: The 2nd Neural Axis of the Auditory System
Gerald Langner

4. Complex Frequency Tuning of Neurons in the Mouse Inferior Colliculus
Christine V. Portfors

5. Role of KCC2 in Auditory Processing of the Brainstem
Motoi Kudo, Takaaki Nakamura, Kiyoshi Kurokawa

6. Spatial and Functional Properties of Neuronal Responses to Simulated Sound Source Motion in the Inferior Colliculus of the Cat
Elena A. Radionova

7. Temporal and Rate Representations of Time-Varying Signals in Auditory Cortex
Xiaoqin Wang, Thomas Lu, Li Liang

8. Communication-Call Representation in the Mouse Auditory Cortex: Perception vs. Recognition
Günter Ehret, Diana B. Geissler

9. Molecular Mechanisms in Deafness Related Auditory Brain Stem Plasticity
Richard A. Altschuler, Avril Genene Holt, Mikiya Asako, Catherine A. Lomax, Margaret I. Lomax, Jose Juiz

10. Challenges to a Neuroanatomical Theory of Forebrain Auditory Plasticity
Jeffery A. Winer, Charles C. Lee, Kazuo Imaizumi, Christoph E. Schreiner

11. Rewiring Cortex: Functional Plasticity of the Auditory Cortex during Development
Jessica R. Newton, Mriganka Sur

12. Plasticity of Tonotopic and Correlation Maps in Cat Primary Auditory Cortex
Jos J. Eggermont

13. Small Cochlear Damage Causes Unmasking and Plasticity in Supra-Threshold Cortical Responses
Ramish Rajan

14. Changes in Auditory Function Following Auditory Cortex Inactivation
Josef Syka, Jirí Popelár, Natalia Rybalko, Fidel C. Nwabueze-Ogbo, Jana Mazelová, Daniel Šuta

15. Plastic Changes in the Primary Auditory Cortex in Cochlear Implanted Deaf Cats
Rainer Klinke, Andrej Kral, Silvia Heid, Rainer Hartmann

16. Input Desynchronization and Impaired Columnar Activation in Deprived Auditory Cortex Revealed by Independent Component Analysis
Peter Hubka, Andrej Kral, Rainer Klinke

17. Temporal Firing Activities of Auditory Cortical Neurons and Modification of Their Activities by Laser Irradiation
Hiroshi Riquimaroux, Yosky Kataoka

18. Neurodynamics in Auditory Cortex During Category Learning
Frank W. Ohl, Wolfram Wetzel, Matthias Deliano, Henning Scheich, Walter J. Freeman

19. Comparison of Two Rat Models of Aging
Jeremy G. Turner, Donald M. Caspary

20. Age-Related Changes in Cochlear Function in Young and Adult Fischer 344 Rats
Jirí Popelár, Daniel Groh, Josef Syka

21. Psychoacoustics and Working Memory in Dyslexia
Karen Banai, Merav Ahissar

22. Frequency and Intensity Discrimination in Dyslexia
Gal Ben-Yehudah, Karen Banai, Merav Ahissar

23. Speech Perception in Noise among Learning Disabled Teenagers
Hanna Putter-Katz, Karen Banai, Merav Ahissar

24. How Can The Neural Encoding and Perception of Speech Be Improved?
Trent Nicol, Nina Kraus

25. Hemispheric Processing of Prosody
Venu Balasubramanian, Ludo Max

26. Auditory Cortex Processing Streams: Where Are They and What Do They Do?
Robert J. Zatorre, Pascal Belin

27. Congenital Amusia: Impaired Musical Pitch But Intact Musical Time
Krista L. Hyde, Isabelle Peretz

28. Time-Courses of 40 Hz Steady-State Responses Reveal Temporal Processing in the Central Auditory System
Bernhard Ross, Christo Pantev

29. Auditory Cortex Role in Human Directional Hearing
Manon Grube, D. Yves Von Cramon, Rudolf Rübsamen

30. True Auditory Lateralization Mismatch Responses Can Be Obtained by Changing the Binaural Cues Rather Than by Switching a Monaurally Presented Sound from One Ear to the Other
Pekcan Ungan, Suha Yagcioglu

31. Perception of the Direction of Frequency Sweeps in Moving Ripple Noise Stimuli
Susan L. Denham

32. Rippled-Spectrum Resolution as a Measure of Frequency Resolving Power of Hearing
Alexander Ya. Supin

33. Low Frequency Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) in Brain Hyperexcitability Disorders Like Tinnitus and Auditory Hallucinations
Berthold Langguth, Peter Eichhammer, Joerg Marienhagen, Tobias Kleinjung, Philipp Sand, Goeran Hajak

34. Effects of Long Term Unilateral Hearing Loss on the Lateralization of fMRI Measured Activation in Human Auditory Cortex
David R. Moore, Joseph T. Devlin, Josephine Raley, Elizabeth Tunbridge, Katherine Lanary, Anna Floyer-Lea, Charvy Narain, Ian Cohen, Peter Jezzard, Martin J. Burton, Paul M. Matthews

35. Arguments in Favor of Auditory Reorganization in Human Subjects with Cochlear Damage
Hung Thai-Van, Damien Gabriel, Lionel Collet

36. Central Auditory Processing and Language Learning Impairments: Implications for Neuroplasticity Research
Paula Tallal, R. Holly Fitch

37. Neuroplastic Adaptations of the Auditory System in Musicians and Nonmusicians
Larry E. Roberts, Daniel J. Bosnyak, Antoine Shahin, Laurel J. Trainor

38. Functional and Structural Characteristics of Auditory Cortex in the Blind
Alexander A. Stevens


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