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Handbook of Population

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Table of contents

1. Prologue: The Demographer’s Ken: 50 Years of Growth and Change
Michael Micklin, Dudley L. Poston

Part I. Population Structure

2. Age and Sex
Dudley L. Poston

3. Population Distribution and Suburbanization
Avery M. Guest, Susan K. Brown

4. Marriage and Family
Linda J. Waite

5. Demography of Gender
Nancy E. Riley

6. Demography of Aging
Peter Uhlenberg

7. Demography of Race and Ethnicity
Rogelio Saenz, M. Cristina Morales

8. Labor Force
Teresa A. Sullivan

Part II. Population Processes

9. Fertility
S. Philip Morgan, Kellie J. Hagewen

10. Infant Mortality
W. Parker Frisbie

11. Adult Mortality
Richard G. Rogers, Robert A. Hummer, Patrick M. Krueger

12. Internal Migration
Michael J. White, David P. Lindstrom

13. International Migration
Susan K. Brown, Frank D. Bean

14. Demography of Social Stratification
Arthur Sakamoto, Daniel A. Powers

Part III. Population and the Social Sciences

15. Social Demography
Charles Hirschman, Stewart E. Tolnay

16. Organizational and Corporate Demography
Glenn R. Carroll, Olga M. Khessina

17. Urban and Spatial Demography
Mark Fossett

18. Anthropological Demography
David I. Kertzer

19. Economic Demography
Andrew Mason

20. Historical Demography
Etienne Walle

21. Ecological Demography
Dudley L. Poston, W. Parker Frisbie

22. Biodemography
James R. Carey, James W. Vaupel

23. Mathematical Demography
Kenneth C. Land, Yang Yang, Yi Zeng

24. Political Demography
Michael S. Teitelbaum

Part IV. Applied Demography

25. Fertility Planning
Joseph E. Potter, Axel I. Mundigo

26. Small-Area and Business Demography
Stanley K. Smith, Peter A. Morrison

27. Health Demography
Ichiro Kawachi, S. V. Subramanian

28. The Demography of Population Health
Mark D. Hayward, David F. Warner

29. Population Policy
John F. May

30. Epilogue: Needed Research in Demography
Dudley L. Poston, Amanda K. Baumle, Michael Micklin


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