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Methods of Microarray Data Analysis

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Cancer: Clinical Challenges and Opportunities
David G. Beer

3. Gene Expression Data and Survival Analysis
Peter J. Park

4. The Needed Replicates of Arrays in Microarray Experiments for Reliable Statistical Evaluation
Sue-Jane Wang, James J. Chen

5. Pooling Information Across Different Studies and Oligonucleotide Chip Types to Identify Prognostic Genes for Lung Cancer
Jeffrey S. Morris, Guosheng Yin, Keith Baggerly, Chunlei Wu, Li Zhang

6. Application of Survival and Meta-analysis to Gene Expression Data Combined from Two Studies
Linda Warnock, Richard Stephens, JoAnn Coleman

7. Making Sense of Human Lung Carcinomas Gene Expression Data: Integration and Analysis of Two Affymetrix Platform Experiments
Xiwu Lin, Daniel Park, Sergio Eslava, Kwan R. Lee, Raymond L.H. Lam, Lei A. Zhu

8. Entropy and Survival-based Weights to Combine Affymetrix Array Types and Analyze Differential Expression and Survival
Jianhua Hu, Guosheng Yin, Jeffrey S. Morris, Li Zhang, Fred A. Wright

9. Associating Microarray Data with a Survival Endpoint
Sin-Ho Jung, Kouros Owzar, Stephen George

10. Differential Correlation Detects Complex Associations Between Gene Expression and Clinical Outcomes in Lung Adenocarcinomas
Kerby Shedden, Jeremy Taylor

11. Probabilistic Lung Cancer Models Conditioned on Gene Expression Microarray Data
Craig Friedman, Wenbo Cao, Cheng Fan

12. Integration of Microarray Data for a Comparative Study of Classifiers and Identification of Marker Genes
Daniel Berrar, Brian Sturgeon, Ian Bradbury, C. Stephen Downes, Werner Dubitzky

13. Use of Micro Array Data via Model-based Classification in the Study and Prediction of Survival from Lung Cancer
Liat Ben-Tovim Jones, Shu-Kay Ng, Christophe Ambroise, Katrina Monico, Nazim Khan, Geoff McLachlan

14. Microarray Data Analysis of Survival Times of Patients with Lung Adenocarcinomas Using ADC and K-Medians Clustering
Wenting Zhou, Weichen Wu, Nathan Palmer, Emily Mower, Noah Daniels, Lenore Cowen, Anselm Blumer

15. Higher Dimensional Approach for Classification of Lung Cancer Microarray Data
F. Crimins, R. Dimitri, T. Klein, N. Palmer, L. Cowen

16. Microarray Data Analysis Using Neural Network Classifiers and Gene Selection Methods
Gaolin Zheng, E. Olusegun George, Giri Narasimhan

17. A Combinatorial Approach to the Analysis of Differential Gene Expression Data
Michael A. Langston, Lan Lin, Xinxia Peng, Nicole E. Baldwin, Christopher T. Symons, Bing Zhang, Jay R. Snoddy

18. Genes Associated with Prognosis in Adenocarcinoma Across Studies at Multiple Institutions
Andrew V. Kossenkov, Ghislain Bidaut, Michael F. Ochs


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