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Antibiotic Policies

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Table of contents

1. Antibiotic Policies—A Historical Perspective
Ian Phillips

2. Guideline Implementation: It is Not Impossible
Peter A. Gross

3. UK Guidelines: Methodology and Standards of Care
Dilip Nathwani

4. Pneumonia Guidelines in Practice
Gavin Barlow

5. Collecting, Converting, and Making Sense of Hospital Antimicrobial Consumption Data
Stephanie Natsch

6. How Do Measurements of Antibiotic Consumption Relate to Antibiotic Resistance?
Roger L. White

7. Quantitative Measurement of Antibiotic Use
Fiona M. MacKenzie, Ian M. Gould

8. Benchmarking
Henrik Westh

9. Experiences with Antimicrobial Utilisation Surveillance and Benchmarking
Catherine M. Dollman

10. Interventions to Optimise Antibiotic Prescribing in Hospitals: The UK Approach
Erwin M. Brown

11. Improving Prescribing in Surgical Prophylaxis
Jos W. M. Meer, Marjo Kasteren

12. Audits for Monitoring the Quality of Antimicrobial Prescriptions
Inge C. Gyssens

13. Multidisciplinary Antimicrobial Management Teams and the Role of the Pharmacist in Management of Infection
Karen Knox, W. Lawson, A. Holmes

14. Antibiotic Policy—Slovenian Experiences
Milan Cižman, Bojana Beovic

15. Intensive Care Unit
Hakan Hanberger, Dominique L. Monnet, Lennart E. Nilsson

16. The Real Cost of MRSA
Stephanie J. Dancer

17. Antifungal Agents: Resistance and Rational Use
Frank C. Odds

18. Strategies for the Rational Use of Antivirals
Sheila M. L. Waugh, William F. Carman

19. Disinfection Policies in Hospitals and the Community
Emine Alp, Andreas Voss

20. The Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance within Patients
Ian R. Booth

21. Impact of Pharmacodynamics on Dosing Schedules: Optimizing Efficacy, Reducing Resistance, and Detection of Emergence of Resistance
Johan W. Mouton

22. Types of Surveillance Data and Meaningful Indicators for Reporting Antimicrobial Resistance
Hervé M. Richet

23. Data Mining to Discover Emerging Patterns of Antimicrobic Resistance
J. A. Poupard, R. C. Gagnon, M. J. Stanhope

24. Applications of Time-series Analysis to Antibiotic Resistance and Consumption Data
José-María López-Lozano, Dominique L. Monnet, Pilar Campillos Alonso, Alberto Cabrera Quintero, Nieves Gonzalo Jiménez, Alberto Yagüe Muñoz, Claudia Thomas, Arielle Beyaert, Mark Stevenson, Thomas V. Riley

25. Biocide Use and Antibiotic Resistance
Jean-Yves Maillard

26. Interventions to Improve Antibiotic Prescribing in the Community
Sandra L. Arnold

27. Education of Patients and Professionals
Christine Bond

28. The Influence of National Policies on Antibiotic Prescribing
Moyssis Lelekis, Panos Gargalianos

29. Antibiotic Use in the Community
Sigvard Mölstad, Otto Cars

30. Antibiotic Use in the Community: The French Experience
Agnès Sommet, Didier Guillemot

31. Antibiotic Policies in Developing Countries
Aníbal Sosa

32. Antimicrobial Resistance and its Containment in Developing Countries
Denis K. Byarugaba

33. Antibiotic Use in Animals—Policies and Control Measures Around Europe
Pascal Sanders

34. The Pharmaceutical Company Approach to Antibiotic Policies
Anthony R. White

35. Antibiotic Use—Ecological Issues and Required Actions
Ian M. Gould


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