Villarreal, Francisco J.

Interstitial Fibrosis in Heart Failure

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Table of contents

I..Architecture of the Normal and Remodeled Heart

1. The Architecture of the Heart: Myocyte Organization and the Cardiac Extracellular Matrix
Ian LeGrice, Adéle Pope, Bruce Smaill

2. Extracellular Matrix and Cardiac Remodeling
Bodh I. Jugdutt

3. Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines and Cardiac Extracellular Matrix: Regulation of Fibroblast Phenotype
R. Dale Brown, M. Darren Mitchell, Carlin S. Long

4. Pharmacology of G-Protein-linked Signaling in Cardiac Fibroblasts
Sara A. Epperson, Åsa B. Gustafsson, Annette M. Gonzalez, Sonia Villegas, J. Gary Meszaros, Laurence L. Brunton

II..Diagnostic Tools for the Identification of Myocardial Fibrosis and Changes in Ventricular Mechanics

5. Serum Markers of Fibrillar Collagen Metabolism in Cardiac Diseases
Javier Diez

6. Ultrasonic Characterization of the Myocardium
Mark R. Holland, Samuel A. Wickline

7. The Mechanics of the Fibrosed/Remodeled Heart
Robert C. Gorman, Benjamin M. Jackson, Joseph H. Gorman, L. Henry Edmunds

III..Pathophysiology of Cardiac Remodeling and Fibrosis

8. Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System and Cardiac Extracellular Matrix
Yao Sun, Karl T. Weber

9. Matrix Metalloproteinases and Myocardial Remodeling
English Chapman, Francis G. Spinale

10. Cardiac Mast Cells as Mediators of Ventricular Remodeling
Joseph S. Janicki, Gregory L. Brower, Amanda L. Chancey, Mary F. Forman, Lynetta J. Jobe

IV..Matrix Metalloproteinasses in Cardiac Remodeling

11. Turmoil in the Cardiac Myocyte: Acute Intracellular Activation of Matrix Metalloproteinases
Manoj M. Lalu, Hernando Leon, Richard Schulz

12. Regulation of Cardiac Extracellular Matrix Remodeling Following Myocardial Infarction.
Jack P. M. Cleutjens

13. Experimental Models of MMP Activation: Ventricular Volume Overload
Baljit S. Walia, Stephen C. Jones, Jianming Hao, Ian M. C. Dixon

V..Prospect for Therapy of the Fibrosed Heart

14. Targets for Pharmacological Modulation of Cardiac Fibrosis
Lindsay Brown, Vincent Chan, Andrew Fenning

15. Biological and Functional Effects of Chronic Mechanical Support Induced by Left Ventricular Assist Devices on Failing Human Myocardium
Guillermo Torre-Amione, Cynthia K. Wallace, O. H. Frazier

16. Molecular Strategies for the Prevention of Cardiac Fibrosis
Ramareddy V. Guntaka, Karl T. Weber

17. Prospects for Gene Therapy for the Fibrosed Heart: Targeting Regulators of Extracellular Matrix Turnover
Hiroshi Ashikaga, Francisco J. Villarreal

18. Therapeutic Potential of TIMPs in Heart Failure
Suresh C. Tyagi


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