Johnson, M. Eric

Managing Information Risk and the Economics of Security

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Table of contents

2. Managing Information Risk and the Economics of Security
M. Eric Johnson

3. Nonbanks and Risk in Retail Payments: EU and U.S.
Terri Bradford, Fumiko Hayashi, Christian Hung, Simonetta Rosati, Richard J. Sullivan, Zhu Wang, Stuart E. Weiner

4. Security Economics and European Policy
Ross Anderson, Rainer Böhme, Richard Clayton, Tyler Moore

5. BORIS –Business ORiented management of Information Security
Sebastian Sowa, Lampros Tsinas, Roland Gabriel

6. Productivity Space of Information Security in an Extension of the Gordon-Loeb’s InvestmentModel
Kanta Matsuura

7. Communicating the Economic Value of Security Investments: Value at Security Risk
Rolf Hulthén

8. Modelling the Human and Technological Costs and Benefits of USB Memory Stick Security
Adam Beautement, Robert Coles, Jonathan Griffin, Christos Ioannidis, Brian Monahan, David Pym, Angela Sasse, Mike Wonham

9. The Value of Escalationand Incentives in Managing Information Access
Xia Zhao, M. Eric Johnson

10. Reinterpreting the DisclosureDebate for Web Infections
Oliver Day, Brandon Palmen, Rachel Greenstadt

11. The Impact of Incentives on Notice and Take-down
Tyler Moore, Richard Clayton

12. Studying Malicious Websites and the Underground Economyon the Chinese Web
Jianwei Zhuge, Thorsten Holz, Chengyu Song, Jinpeng Guo, Xinhui Han, Wei Zou

13. BotnetEconomics: Uncertainty Matters
Zhen Li, Qi Liao, Aaron Striegel

14. Cyber Insuranceas an Incentivefor Internet Security
Jean Bolot, Marc Lelarge

15. Conformity or Diversity: Social Implications of Transparency in Personal Data Processing
Rainer Böhme

16. Is Distributed TrustMore Trustworthy?
Kurt Nielse

Keywords: Computer Science, Economic Systems, Data Encryption, Computer Communication Networks, Economics/Management Science, general, Systems and Data Security

Publication year
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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