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Engineering IT-Enabled Sustainable Electricity Services

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Table of contents

Part I. The Tale of the Low-Cost Green Azores Islands

1. The Case for Engineering Next-Generation IT-Enabled Electricity Services at Value
Marija Ilić

2. The Tale of Two Green Islands in the Azores Archipelago
Marija Ilić

Part II. The Electrical Systems Characteristics of Two Azores Islands: Flores and São Miguel

3. Electrical Networks of the Azores Archipelago
Masoud Honarvar Nazari

4. Generation and Demand Characteristics of the Islands of Flores and São Miguel
Jonathan Donadee, Jhi-Young Joo, Remco Verzijlbergh, Marija Ilić

Part III. Wind and Load Power Prediction: Look-Ahead Dispatch for the Efficient Use of Available Resources

5. Conventional Generation Dispatch Methods in Systems with Intermittent Resources
Paulo D. F. Ferreira, Pedro M. S. Carvalho, Luis A. F. M. Ferreira

6. Multi-scale Models for Decomposing Uncertainties in Load and Wind Power
Noha Abdel-Karim, Marija Ilić

7. Look-Ahead Model-Predictive Generation Dispatch Methods
Le Xie, Yingzhong Gu, Marija Ilić

8. Assessing the Ability of Different Types of Loads to Participate in Adaptive Load Management
Jhi-Young Joo, Jonathan Donadee, Marija Ilić

9. Look-Ahead Model-Predictive Generation and Demand Dispatch for Managing Uncertainties
Jhi-Young Joo, Yingzhong Gu, Le Xie, Jonathan Donadee, Marija Ilić

10. Counterexamples to Commonly Held Assumptions on Unit Commitment and Market Power Assessment
Wolfgang Gatterbauer, Marija Ilić

11. The Role of Electric Vehicles in Making Azores Islands Green
R. A. Verzijlbergh, M. D. Ilić, Z. Lukszo

Part IV. Efficient and Viable Power Delivery During Normal System Conditions

12. Optimal Placement of Wind Power Plants for Delivery Loss Minimization
Masoud Honarvar Nazari

13. Toward an Extended AC OPF-Based Approach to Wind Power Integration and Pricing
Marija Ilić, Jeffrey H. Lang

Part V. Enhanced Methods for Intra-dispatch Automated Balancing of Hard-to-Predict Wind Power Fluctuations

14. Modeling and Control Framework to Ensure Intra-dispatch Regulation Reserves
Nipun Popli, Marija Ilić

15. Stabilization and Regulation of Small Frequency Fluctuations by Means of Governor and Flywheel Control
Qixing Liu, Milos Cvetković, Marija Ilić

16. The Role of Enhanced Voltage Control in Stabilizing Dynamics of Electric Energy Systems
Qixing Liu, Milos Cvetković, Marija Ilić

17. Small-Signal Stability Analysis of Electric Power Systems on the Azores Archipelago
Masoud Honarvar Nazari

Part VI. Corrective Adjustments and Transient Stabilization for Ensuring Reliable Operations During Large Wind Disturbances and Equipment Outages

18. Toward Reconfigurable Smart Distribution Systems for Differentiated Reliability of Service
Siripha Junlakarn, Marija Ilić

19. Transient Stabilization in Systems with Wind Power
Milos Cvetković, Kevin Bachovchin, Marija Ilić

Part VII. Methods for Investing in New Technologies Under Uncertainties

20. Generation Planning Under Uncertainty with Variable Resources
Audun Botterud, Noha Abdel-Karim, Marija Ilić

Keywords: Energy, Energy Systems, Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Networks, Energy Technology

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Power Electronics and Power Systems
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15 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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