Decision Support Systems for Risk-Based Management of Contaminated Sites

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Table of contents

2. Basic Steps for the Development of Decision Support Systems
Paul Black, Tom Stockton

3. Environmental Risk Assessment
Andrea Critto, Glenn W. Suter

4. Decision Support Systems and Environment: Role of MCDA
Silvio Giove, Adriana Brancia, F. Kyle Satterstrom, Igor Linkov

5. Spatial Analytical Techniques for Risk Based Decision Support Systems
Mark S. Johnson, Marek Korcz, Katherine von Stackelberg, Bruce K. Hope

6. Indicators and Endpoints for Risk-Based Decision Processes with Decision Support Systems
Paola Agostini, Glenn W. Suter, Stefania Gottardo, Elisa Giubilato

7. Contaminated Land: A Multi-Dimensional Problem
Claudio Carlon, Bruce Hope, Francesca Quercia

8. Decision Support Systems for Contaminated Land Management: A Review
Paola Agostini, Andrea Critto, Elena Semenzin, Antonio Marcomini

9. A Spatial Decision Support System for the Risk-Based Management of Contaminated Sites: The DESYRE DSS
Lisa Pizzol, Andrea Critto, Antonio Marcomini

10. SMARTe: An MCDA Approach to Revitalize Communities and Restore the Environment
Ann Vega, Roger Argus, Tom Stockton, Paul Black, Kelly Black, Neil Stiber

11. DSS-ERAMANIA: Decision Support System for Site-Specific Ecological Risk Assessment of Contaminated Sites
Elena Semenzin, Andrea Critto, Michiel Rutgers, Antonio Marcomini

12. SADA: Ecological Risk Based Decision Support System for Selective Remediation
S. Thomas Purucker, Robert N. Stewart, Chris J.E. Welsh

13. Decision Evaluation for Complex Risk Network Systems (DECERNS) Software Tool
Terry Sullivan, Boris Yatsalo, Alexandre Grebenkov, Igor Linkov

14. Decision Support Systems (DSSs) for Contaminated Land Management – Gaps and Challenges
Paola Agostini, Ann Vega

15. Use of Decision Support Systems to Address Contaminated Coastal Sediments: Experience in the United States
Charles A. Menzie, Pieter Booth, Sheryl A. Law, Katherine Stackelberg

16. Review of Decision Support Systems Devoted to the Management of Inland and Coastal Waters in the European Union
Paola Agostini, Silvia Torresan, Christian Micheletti, Andrea Critto

17. MODELKEY: A Decision Support System for the Assessment and Evaluation of Impacts on Aquatic Ecosystems
Stefania Gottardo, Elena Semenzin, Alex Zabeo, Antonio Marcomini

18. CADDIS: The Causal Analysis/Diagnosis Decision Information System
Susan B. Norton, Susan M. Cormier, Glenn W. Suter, Kate Schofield, Lester Yuan, Patricia Shaw-Allen, C. Richard Ziegler

19. BASINS: Better Assessment Science Integrating Point and Nonpoint Sources
Russell S. Kinerson, John L. Kittle, Paul B. Duda

20. A Decision Support System for the Management of the Sacca di Goro (Italy)
Chiara Mocenni, Marco Casini, Simone Paoletti, Gianmarco Giordani, Pierluigi Viaroli, José-Manuel Zaldívar Comenges

21. Decision Support Systems (DSSs) for Inland and Coastal Waters Management – Gaps and Challenges
Elena Semenzin, Glenn W. Suter

Keywords: SCIENCE / Environmental Science SCI026000

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Natural Sciences

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