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Educational Media and Technology Yearbook

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Table of contents

Part I. Trends and Issues in Learning, Design, and Technology

1. Introduction
Michael Orey

2. Issues and Trends in Instructional Technology: Web 2.0, Second Life, and STEM Share the Spotlight
Abbie Brown, Tim Green

3. Research and Theory in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University

4. Linking Theory and Practice Through Design: An Instructional Technology Program
Priscilla Norton, Shahron Williams Rooij, Marci Kinas Jerome, Kevin Clark, Michael Behrmann, Brenda Bannan-Ritland

5. Model-Based Methods for Assessment, Learning, and Instruction: Innovative Educational Technology at Florida State University
Valerie J. Shute, Allan C. Jeong, J. Michael Spector, Norbert M. Seel, Tristan E. Johnson

6. Beyond the Theory-Practice Split in Instructional Design: The Current Situation and Future Directions
Stephen C. Yanchar, Joseph B. South

7. Effects of a Professional Development on Teacher Integration of Online Resources
Xin Mao, Mimi Recker

8. How Well Do High-Quality Online Courses Employ Merrill’s First Principles of Instruction?
Max H. Cropper, Joanne P.H. Bentley, Kerstin Schroder

9. Supporting Reflection in Online Learning Environments
Ting-ling Lai, Susan M. Land

10. The Interplay of Teaching Conceptions and a Course Management System Among Award-Winning University Professors
Xornam S. Apedoe, Douglas R. Holschuh, Thomas C. Reeves

Part II. Trends and Issues in Library and Information Science

11. Introduction
V. J. McClendon

12. Wikipedia: Adventures in the New Info-Paradigm
Mary Ann Fitzgerald

13. High-Tech Tools for the Library Media Center: The Future from a Low-tech Point of View
Daniel Fuller, Doug Achtermann, Cathy McLeod

14. Taking Care of Business: Authentic Use of Web 2.0 in Schools
Shayne Russell

15. Connecting Media Specialists, Students, and Standards Through Web 2.0
Carol A. Brown, Jackie Hill

16. The Turnaround School Library Program
Jami Biles Jones, Alana M. Zambone

17. Girls and Egaming Engagement: Optimizing Gender Equity in School Libraries
Lesley Farmer, Nora Murphy

18. The School Library Benefits Everyone: Technology, Approaches, and Resources for Serving Students with Special Needs
Alana M. Zambone, Lora Lee Smith Canter, Karen S. Voytecki, Tara Jeffs, Jami Biles Jones

19. Prove It! Using Data to Advocate for School Library Media Programs
Cindy Schmidt, Frances Reeve

20. Principal Support of Media Specialist and Teacher Collaboration: A Research Study
Betty J. Morris

Part III. Leadership Profiles

21. Introduction
Robert Maribe Branch

22. Addie Kinsinger: Leader Among Leaders
Patricia Miller

Part IV. Organizations and Associations in North America

23. Introduction
Michael Orey

24. United States and Canada
Michael Orey, V. J. McClendon, Robert Maribe Branch

Part V. Graduate Programs in North America

25. Introduction
Pamela Fortner

26. Graduate Programs
Michael Orey, V. J. McClendon, Robert Maribe Branch

Part VI. Mediagraphy: Print and Non-Print Resources

27. Introduction
Jinn-Wei Tsao, Chad Galloway

28. Mediagraphy
Michael Orey, V. J. McClendon, Robert Maribe Branch

Keywords: Education, Educational Technology, Learning & Instruction, Education (general)

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Educational Media and Technology Yearbook
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