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Handbook of Positive Behavior Support

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Table of contents

I. Introduction

1. Overview and History of Positive Behavior Support
Glen Dunlap, Wayne Sailor, Robert H. Horner, George Sugai

2. The Intellectual Roots of Positive Behavior Support and Their Implications for Its Development
George H. S. Singer, Mian Wang

II. Early Childhood, Family, And Community

3. Positive Behavior Support and Early Intervention
Glen Dunlap, Lise Fox

4. Toward an Ecological Unit of Analysis in Behavioral Assessment and Intervention With Families of Children With Developmental Disabilities
Lauren Binnendyk, Brenda Fossett, Christy Cheremshynski, Sharon Lohrmann, Lauren Elkinson, Lynn Miller

5. Positive Behavior Support and Early Intervention for Young Children With Autism: Case Studies on the Efficacy of Proactive Treatment of Problem Behavior
Phillip S. Strain, Ilene Schwartz

6. Integrating a Positive behavior Support Approach Within Head Start
Andy J. Frey, Cheryl Anne Boyce, Louisa Banks Tarullo

7. Empirically Supported Intervention Practices for Autism Spectrum Disorders in School and Community Settings: Issues and Practices
Lynn Kern Koegel, Suzanne Robinson, Robert L. Koegel

8. A Programwide Model for Supporting Social Emotional Development and Addressing Challenging Behavior in Early Childhood Settings
Lise Fox, Mary Louise Hemmeter

9. Integrating PBS, Mental Health Services, and Family-Driven Care
Albert J. Duchnowski, Krista Kutash

10. Optimistic Parenting: Hope and Help for Parents With Challenging Children
V. Mark Durand, Meme Hieneman, Shelley Clarke, Melissa Zona

11. Families Facing Extraordinary Challenges in Urban Communities: Systems-Level Application of Positive Behavior Support
Amy McCart, Nikki Wolf, Holly M. Sweeney, Ursula Markey, D. J. Markey

12. Delivering behavior Support in the Foster Care System
Kimberly Crosland, Glen Dunlap, Hewitt B. Clark, Bryon Neff

III. Schoolwide

13. Defining and Describing Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support
George Sugai, Robert H. Horner

14. Sustainability of Systems-Level Evidence-Based Practices in Schools: Current Knowledge and Future Directions
Kent McIntosh, Robert H. Horner, George Sugai

15. Increasing Family Participation Through Schoolwide Positive Behavior Supports
Timothy J. Lewis

16. Primary-Tier Interventions and Supports
Heather Peshak George, Don Kincaid, Jenna Pollard-Sage

17. Secondary-Tier Interventions and Supports
Leanne S. Hawken, Sarah L. Adolphson, K. Sandra Macleod, Joan Schumann

18. Function-Based Supports for Individual Students in School Settings
Terrance M. Scott, Cynthia Anderson, Richmond Mancil, Peter Alter

19. Implementation of Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support in Urban Settings
Robert Putnam, Amy McCart, Peter Griggs, Jeong Hoon Choi

20. Positive Behavior Support in Alternative Education, Community-Based Mental Health, and Juvenile Justice Settings
C. Michael Nelson, Jeffrey R. Sprague, Kristine Jolivette, Carl R. Smith, Tary J. Tobin

21. Behavior Supports in Nonclassroom Settings
Lori Newcomer, Geoff Colvin, Timothy J. Lewis

22. Facilitating Academic Achievement Through Schoolwide Positive behavior Support
Bob Algozzine, Kate Algozzine

23. Using a Problem-Solving Model to Enhance Data-Based Decision Making in Schools
Stephen J. Newton, Robert H. Horner, Robert F. Algozzine, Anne W. Todd, Kate M. Algozzine

24. Finding a direction for High School Positive Behavior Support
Hank Bohanon, Pamela Fenning, Chris Borgmeier, Brigid Flannery, Joanne Malloy

25. Systems Change and the Complementary Roles of In-Service and Preservice Training in Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support
Rachel Freeman, Sharon Lohrmann, Larry K. Irvin, Don Kincaid, Victoria Vossler, Jolenea Ferro

IV. New Directions

26. Sustaining Positive behavior Support in a Context of Comprehensive School Reform
Wayne Sailor, Nikki Wolf, Hoon Choi, Blair Roger

27. Completing the Continuum of Schoolwide Positive behavior Support: Wraparound as a Tertiary-Level Intervention
Lucille Eber, Kelly Hyde, Jennifer Rose, Kimberli Breen, Diane McDonald, Holly Lewandowski

28. Implementing Function-Based Support Within Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support
Cynthia M. Anderson, Terrance M. Scott

29. Response to Intervention and Positive Behavior Support
Wayne Sailor, Jennifer Doolittle, Renée Bradley, Lou Danielson

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