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Saving Biological Diversity

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Table of contents

1. Saving Biological Diversity: An Overview
Glenn D. Dreyer

Part I.Protecting Populations of Particular Species

2. Toward a Policy-Relevant Definition of Biodiversity
Bryan G. Norton

3. Navigating for Noah: Setting New Directions for Endangered Species Protection in the 21st Century
Karin P. Sheldon

4. Economics of Protecting Endangered Species
Gardner M. Brown

5. The Center for Plant Conservation: Twenty Years of Recovering America’s Vanishing Flora
Kathryn L. Kennedy

6. The Piping Plover as an Umbrella Species for the Barrier Beach Ecosystem
Scott Hecker

7. Restoring Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) to New England
Stephen Gephard

Part II.Protecting Regional Ecosystems

8. Sea Change: Changing Management to Protect Ocean Ecosystems
Susan E. Farady

9. Valuing Benefits from Ecosystem Improvements using Stated Preference Methods: An Example from Reducing Acidification in the Adirondacks Park
David A. Evans, H. Spencer Banzhaf, Dallas Burtraw, Alan J. Krupnick, Juha Siikamäki

10. Conserving Forest Ecosystems: Guidelines for Size, Condition and Landscape Requirements
Mark G. Anderson

11. Restoring America’s Everglades: A Lobbyist’s Perspective
April H. G. Smith

Part III.The Need For Global Efforts To Save Biological Diversity

12. A Wildland and Woodland Vision for the New England Landscape: Local Conservation, Biodiversity and the Global Environment
David R. Foster, William G. Labich

13. Creative Approaches to Preserving Biodiversity in Brazil and the Amazon
Kathryn Hochstetler, Margaret E. Keck

14. Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Ocean Acidification: The Potential Impacts on Ocean Biodiversity
William C. G. Burns

15. Advancing Conservation in a Globalized World
Jonathan M. Hoekstra

16. Protecting Biodiversity, from Flagship Species to the Global Environment
Robert A. Askins


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