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Handbook of Behavioral Medicine

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Table of contents

1. Social and Environmental Determinants of Health Behaviors
Verity J. Cleland, Kylie Ball, David Crawford

2. Cognitive Determinants of Health Behavior
Mark Conner

3. Assessment of Physical Activity in Research and Clinical Practice
Lephuong Ong, James A. Blumenthal

4. Dietary Assessment in Behavioral Medicine
Marian L. Neuhouser

5. Assessment of Sexual Behavior
Lori A.J. Scott-Sheldon, Seth C. Kalichman, Michael P. Carey

6. By Force of Habit
Bas Verplanken

7. Adherence to Medical Advice: Processes and Measurement
Jacqueline Dunbar-Jacob, Martin P. Houze, Cameron Kramer, Faith Luyster, Maura McCall

8. Ecological Validity for Patient Reported Outcomes
Arthur A. Stone, Saul S. Shiffman

9. Item Response Theory and Its Application to Measurement in Behavioral Medicine
Mee-Ae Kim-O, Susan E. Embretson

10. Applications of Neurocognitive Assessment in Behavioral Medicine
Shari R. Waldstein, Carrington Rice Wendell, Megan M. Hosey

11. Lay Representations of Illness and Treatment: A Framework for Action
Howard Leventhal, Jessica Y. Breland, Pablo A. Mora, Elaine A. Leventhal

12. Conceptualization, Measurement, and Analysis of Negative Affective Risk Factors
Timothy W. Smith

13. Hostility and Health
John C. Barefoot, Redford B. Williams

14. Positive Well-Being and Health
Andrew Steptoe

15. Coping and Health
Charles S. Carver, Sara Vargas

16. Experimental Approaches to Social Interaction for the Behavioral Medicine Toolbox
Jerry Suls, M. Bryant Howren

17. Social Support and Physical Health: Links and Mechanisms
Tara L. Gruenewald, Teresa E. Seeman

18. Social Networks and Health
Ai Ikeda, Ichiro Kawachi

19. Social Norms and Health Behavior
Allecia E. Reid, Robert B. Cialdini, Leona S. Aiken

20. Social Marketing: A Tale of Beer, Marriage, and Public Health
Gerard Hastings, Ray Lowry

21. Assessment of Psychosocial Factors in Population Studies
Susan A. Everson-Rose, Cari J. Clark

22. Socio-economic Position and Health
Tarani Chandola, Michael G. Marmot

23. Race, Ethnicity, and Health in a Global Context
Shawn D. Boykin, David R. Williams

24. Neighborhood Factors in Health
Mahasin S. Mujahid, Ana V. Diez Roux

25. Health Literacy: A Brief Introduction
Michael S. Wolf, Stacy Cooper Bailey, Kirsten J. McCaffery

26. Screening and Early Detection of Cancer: A Population Perspective
Laura A.V. Marlow, Jo Waller, Jane Wardle

27. The Impact of Behavioral Interventions in Public Health
Noreen M. Clark, Melissa A. Valerio, Christy R. Houle

28. Quantitative Genetics in Behavioral Medicine
Eco Geus

29. Candidate Gene and Genome-Wide Association Studies in Behavioral Medicine
Ilja M. Nolte, Jeanne M. McCaffery, Harold Snieder

30. Functional Genomic Approaches in Behavioral Medicine Research
Gregory E. Miller, Steve W. Cole

31. Genetics of Stress: Gene–Stress Correlation and Interaction
Stephen B. Manuck, Jeanne M. McCaffery

32. Nicotine Dependence and Pharmacogenetics
Riju Ray, Robert Schnoll, Caryn Lerman

33. Genetics of Obesity and Diabetes
Karani S. Vimaleswaran, Ruth J.F. Loos

34. A Life Course Approach to Health Behaviors: Theory and Methods
Gita D. Mishra, Yoav Ben-Shlomo, Diana Kuh

35. Prenatal Origins of Development Health
Christopher L. Coe

36. The Impact of Early Adversity on Health
Shelley E. Taylor

37. Health Disparities in Adolescence
Hannah M. C. Schreier, Edith Chen

38. Reproductive Hormones and Stages of Life in Women: Moderators of Mood and Cardiovascular Health
Susan S. Girdler, Kathleen C. Light

39. Aging and Behavioral Medicine
Brenda W.J.H. Penninx, Nicole Vogelzangs

40. Use of Biological Measures in Behavioral Medicine
Andrew Steptoe, Lydia Poole

41. Laboratory Stress Testing Methodology
William Gerin

42. Stress and Allostasis
Ilia N. Karatsoreos, Bruce S. McEwen

43. Neuroendocrine Measures in Behavioral Medicine
Petra Puetz, Silja Bellingrath, Andrea Gierens, Dirk H. Hellhammer

44. Immune Measures in Behavioral Medicine Research: Procedures and Implications
Michael T. Bailey, Ronald Glaser

45. Circulating Biomarkers of Inflammation, Adhesion, and Hemostasis in Behavioral Medicine
Paul J. Mills, Roland Känel

46. The Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity, and Insulin Resistance
Armando J. Mendez, Ronald B. Goldberg, Philip M. McCabe

47. The Non-invasive Assessment of Autonomic Influences on the Heart Using Impedance Cardiography and Heart Rate Variability
Julian F. Thayer, Anita L. Hansen, Bjorn Helge Johnsen

48. Cardiac Measures
Gina T. Eubanks, Mustafa Hassan, David S. Sheps

49. Behavioral Medicine and Sleep: Concepts, Measures, and Methods
Martica H. Hall

50. Neuroimaging Methods in Behavioral Medicine
Peter J. Gianaros, Marcus A. Gray, Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi, Hugo D. Critchley

51. Applications of Neuroimaging in Behavioral Medicine
Marcus A. Gray, Peter J. Gianaros, Hugo D. Critchley

52. Neuroimaging of Depression and Other Emotional States
Scott C. Matthews, Richard D. Lane

53. The Electric Brain and Behavioral Medicine
J. Richard Jennings, Ydwine Zanstra, Victoria Egizio

54. Reporting Results in Behavioral Medicine
Michael A. Babyak

55. Moderators and Mediators: The MacArthur Updated View
Helena Chmura Kraemer

56. Multilevel Modeling
S. V. Subramanian

57. Structural Equation Modeling in Behavioral Medicine Research
Maria Magdalena Llabre

58. Meta-analysis
Larry V. Hedges, Elizabeth Tipton

59. Trial Design in Behavioral Medicine
Kenneth E. Freedland, Robert M. Carney, Patrick J. Lustman

60. Methodological Issues in Randomized Controlled Trials for the Treatment of Psychiatric Comorbidity in Medical Illness
David C. Mohr, Sarah W. Kinsinger, Jenna Duffecy

61. Quality of Life in Light of Appraisal and Response Shift
Sara Ahmed, Carolyn Schwartz

62. Behavioral Interventions for Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease
Brian Oldenburg, Pilvikki Absetz, Carina K.Y. Chan

63. Psychosocial–Behavioral Interventions and Chronic Disease
Neil Schneiderman, Michael H. Antoni, Frank J. Penedo, Gail H. Ironson

64. The Role of Interactive Communication Technologies in Behavioral Medicine
Victor J. Strecher

65. Behavioral Medicine, Prevention, and Health Reform: Linking Evidence-Based Clinical and Public Health Strategies for Population Health Behavior Change
Judith K. Ockene, C. Tracy Orleans

Keywords: Psychology, Health Psychology, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen, Psychopharmacology, Psychological Methods/Evaluation

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