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Global Archaeological Theory

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Table of contents

I.Archaeological Theory

1. Materiality and the Social
Pedro Paulo Funari, Andrés Zarankin, Emily Stovel

2. Materiality and the Social
Julian Thomas

3. Archaeology and the Meanings of Material Culture
Norberto Luiz Guarinello

4. Why is There Material Culture Rather than Nothing? Heideggerian Thoughts and Archaeology
Håkan Karlsson

5. What Conditions of Existence Sustain a Tension Found in the Use of Written and Material Documents in Archaeology?
José Alberione dos Reis

6. The Reception of New Archaeology in Argentina: A Preliminary Survey
Irina Podgorny, María Dolores Tobías, Máximo Farro

II.Archaeological Theory and Methods in Action

7. Network Theory and the Archaeology of Modern History
Charles E. Orser

8. The Comparative Method in Archaeology and the Study of Spanish and Portuguese South American Material Culture
Pedro Paulo A. Funari

9. Bodies in Prehistory: Beyond the Sex/Gender Split
Benjamin Alberti

10. Children's Activity in the Production of the Archaeological Record of Hunter-Gatherers: An Ethnoarchaeological Approach
Gustavo G. Politis

11. The Archaeology of Identity Construction: Ceramic Evidence from Northern Chile
Emily M. Stovel

12. Rethinking Stereotypes and the History of Research on Jê Populations in South Brazil: An Interdisciplinary Point of View
Francisco Silva Noelli

III.Space and Power in Material Culture

13. Traveling Objects and Spatial Images: Exchange Relationships and the Production of Social Space
Marisa Lazzari

14. The Materiality of Inka Domination: Landscape, Spectacle, Memory, and Ancestors
Félix A. Acuto

15. Walls of Domestication—Archaeology of the Architecture of Capitalist Elementary Public Schools: The Case of Buenos Aires
Andrés Zarankin

16. Enlightened Discourses, Representations, and Social Practices in the Spanish Settlement of Floridablanca, Patagonia 18th Century
Maria Ximena Senatore

IV.Images as Material Discourse

17. Stylistic Units in Prehistoric Art Research: Archeofacts or Realities?
André Prous

18. Water and Olive Oil: An Analysis of Rural Scenes in Black and Red Figure Attic Vases and the Construction of the Athenian Empire
André Leonardo Chevitarese

V.The Construction of Archaeological Discourse

19. Between Motorcycles and Rifles: Anglo-American and Latin American Radical Archaeologies
Randall H. McGuire, Rodrigo Navarrete

20. Footsteps of the American Race: Archaeology, Ethnography, and Romantism in Imperial Brazil (1838–1867)
Lúcio Menezes Ferreira

21. Brazilian Archaeology: Indigenous Identity in the Early Decades of the Twentieth Century
Ana Cristina Piñón Sequeira

22. Discussion: A Response from the ‘Core’
Matthew H. Johnson


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