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Recent Developments in Alcoholism

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Table of contents

I. Epidemiology

1. Diagnosis, Course, and Assessment of Alcohol Abuse and Dependence in Adolescents
Tammy Chung, Christopher S. Martin, Ken C. Winters

2. Initiation and Course of Alcohol Consumption among Adolescents and Young Adults
Jennifer L. Maggs, John E. Schulenberg

3. High Risk Adolescent and Young Adult Populations: Consumption and Consequences
Brooke S. G. Molina

4. Alcohol Consumption and Its Consequences among Adolescents and Young Adults
Michael Windle, Rebecca C. Windle

5. Drinking among College Students
Kristina M. Jackson, Kenneth J. Sher, Aesoon Park

II. Neurobiology

6. Adolescent Alcohol Drinking and Its Long-Range Consequences
William J. McBride, Richard L. Bell, Zachary A. Rodd, Wendy N. Strother, James M. Murphy

7. Adolescence
Linda Patia Spear, Elena I. Varlinskaya

8. Age-Related Effects of Alcohol on Memory and Memory-Related Brain Function in Adolescents and Adults
Aaron M. White, H. Scott Swartzwelder

9. The Human Adolescent Brain and Alcohol Use Disorders
Susan F. Tapert, Alecia D. Schweinsburg

III. Prevention

10. Comprehensive Approaches to Prevent Adoloscent Drinking and Related Problems
Kelli A. Komro, Melissa H. Stigler, Cheryl L. Perry

11. Prevention of Adolescent Alcohol Problems in Special Populations
Steve Sussman

12. Prevention of College Student Drinking Problems
Robert F. Saltz

13. Policies to Reduce Underage Drinking
Alexander C. Wagenaar, Kathleen M. Lenk, Traci L. Toomey

14. Prevention for Children of Alcoholics and Other High Risk Groups
Robert A. Zucker, Maria M. Wong

IV. Treatment

15. Treatment of Adolescent Alcohol-Related Problems
Sandra A. Brown, Kristen G. Anderson, Danielle E. Ramo, Kristin L. Tomlinson

16. Treatment of Co-occurring Alcohol, Drug, and Psychiatric Disorders
Jack R. Cornelius, Duncan B. Clark, Oscar G. Bukstein, Ihsan M. Salloum

17. A Brief History and Some Current Dimensions of Adolescent Treatment in the United States
Mark D. Godley, William L. White

18. Evidence-Based Cognitive-Behavioral and Family Therapies for Adolescent Alcohol and Other Substance Use Disorders
Yifrah Kaminer, Natasha Slesnick

19. Assessment Issues in Adolescent Drug Abuse Treatment Research
Ken C. Winters, Tamara Fahnhorst

Keywords: Psychology, Psychology, general, Health Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen

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Recent Developments in Alcoholism
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