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Encyclopedia of Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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Table of contents

1. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Steven C. Hayes, Heather Pierson

2. Addictive Behavior-Nonsubstance Abuse
Frederick Rotgers, Ray W. Christner

3. Addictive Behavior-Substance Abuse
Frederick Rotgers, Beth Arburn Davis

4. Adolescent Aggression and Anger Management
Eva L. Feindler

5. Aggressive and Antisocial Behavior in Youth
Pier J. M. Prins, Teun G. Manen

6. Aging and Dementia
Steven H. Zarit

7. Anger-Adult
Christine Bowman Edmondson, Daniel Joseph Cahill

8. Anger Control Problems
Donald Meichenbaum

9. Anger Management Therapy with Adolescents
W. Rodney Hammond, Jennifer M. Wyatt

10. Anorexia Nervosa
Diane L. Spangler, Heather D. Hoyal

11. Anxiety-Adult
Elizabeth A. Meadows, Jennifer Butcher

12. Anxiety/Anger Management Training (AMT)
Richard M. Suinn, Jerry L. Deffenbacher

13. Anxiety-Children
Thomas H. Ollendick, Laura D. Seligman

14. Anxiety in Children-FRIENDS Program
Paula M. Barrett, Robi Sonderegger

15. Applied Behavior Analysis
John W. Jacobson

16. Asperger’s Disorder
Tony Attwood

17. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)-Adult
J. Russell Ramsey, Anthony L. Rostain

18. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder-Child
Ricardo Eiraldi, Kimberly Villarin

19. Autism Spectrum Disorders
Raymond G. Romanczyk, Jennifer M. Gillis

20. Behavioral Assessment
Robert A. DiTomasso, Robert Gilman

21. Behavioral Neuropsychology
Arthur MacNeill Horton

22. Behavior Therapy
L. Michael Ascher, Christina Esposito

23. Biofeedback
Deidre Donaldson, Dennis Russo

24. Biopsychosocial Treatment of Pain
Barbara A. Golden, L. Stuart Barbera

25. Bipolar Disorder
Cory F. Newman

26. Body Dysmorphia 1
Melanie L. O’Neill, Maureen L. Whittal

27. Body Dysmorphia 2
David Veale

28. Bulimia Nervosa
Diane L. Spangler

29. Cancer
Arthur M. Nezu, Christine Maguth Nezu

30. Caregivers of Medically Ill Persons
Stephanie H. Felgoise, Krista Olex

31. Case Formulation
Lawrence D. Needleman

32. Child Abuse
Esther Deblinger, Melissa K. Runyon

33. Children-Behavior Therapy
Laura D. Seligman, Thomas H. Ollendick

34. Chronic Pain
Carrie Winterowd, Aaron Beck, Dan Gruener

35. Clinical Health Psychology
Barbara A. Golden, Stephanie H. Felgoise

36. Cognitive Distortions
Carrie L. Yurica, Robert A. DiTomasso

37. Cognitive Vulnerability
John H. Riskind, David Black

38. Cognitive Vulnerability to Depression
Lauren B. Alloy, Lyn Y. Abramson

39. Computer Programs for Cognitive-Behavior Therapy
Jesse H. Wright, D. Kristen Small

40. Computers and Technology
Bruce M. Gale

41. Couple and Family Therapy
Frank M. Dattilio

42. Couples Therapy
Brian Baucom

43. Couples Therapy-Substance Abuse
Timothy J. O’Farrell, William Fals-Stewart

44. Crisis Intervention
Gina M. Fusco

45. Depression-Adult
Mark J. Williams, Robin B. Jarrett

46. Depression and Personality Disorders—Older Adults
Steven R. Thorp, Thomas R. Lynch

47. Depression—General
Daniel R. Strunk, Robert J. DeRubeis

48. Depression—Youth
Elizabeth A. Gosch, Aaron Pollock

49. Developmental Disabilities in Community Settings
Michael R. Petronko, Russell J. Kormann

50. Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Eating Disorders
Marsha M. Linehan, Eunice Y. Chen

51. Disruptive Anger
Howard Kassinove, Raymond Chip Tafrate

52. Dreams
Arthur Freeman, Beverly White

53. Dual Diagnosis
Michael Petronko, Doreen M. DiDomenico

54. Exposure Therapy
Victoria M. Follette, Alethea A. A. Smith

55. Family Caregivers
Ann M. Steffen, Kristin R. Magnum

56. Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Adrian Wells

57. Group Therapy
Arthur Freeman, Sharon Morgillo-Freeman

58. Health Anxiety
Mark A. Reinecke, Joseph B. Dilley

59. History of Behavioral Medicine
Stephanie H. Felgoise

60. Homework
Arthur A. Freeman, Bradley Rosenfield

61. Hypnotherapy
E. Thomas Dowd

62. Imagery
Mervin Smucker, Jo M. Weis, Jane G. Dresser

63. Imagery Rescripting and Reprocessing Therapy
Mervin R. Smucker

64. Inpatient Treatment
Wayne A. Bower

65. Linguistic Therapy of Evaluation
Isabel Caro

66. Low Self-Esteem
Melanie J. V. Fennell

67. Medically Unexplained Symptoms
Elizabeth R. Lombardo, Arthur M. Nezu

68. Mental Retardation-Adult
Christine Maguth Nezu, Michelle A. Peacock

69. Models of Violent Behavior
George F. Ronan, Jennifer A. Slezak

70. Mood Disorders-Bipolar Disorder
Jan Scott

71. Motivational Interviewing
Frederick Rotgers

72. Obesity
Michael G. Perri, Lesley D. Fox

73. Panic Disorder
Raphael D. Rose, Autumn E. Braddock, Michelle G. Craske

74. Paradoxical Intention and Related Techniques
L. Michael Ascher

75. Parents of Children with ADHD
Andrea M. Chronis

76. Pathological Gambling
Deborah Slalom, E. Thomas Dowd

77. Perfectionism
Martin M. Antony, Randi E. McCabe

78. Personal Construct Psychology
Sally N. Phillips

79. Personality Disorders
Arthur Freeman, Ray W. Christner

80. Pharmacotherapy and Cognitive Therapy-Combined Treatment
Jesse H. Wright, David A. Casey

81. Phobia
Katie M. Castille, Maurice F. Prout

82. Play Therapy
Susan M. Knell

83. Primary Care Therapy
Robert A. DiTomasso, Christina Esposito

84. Problem Solving-Depression
Arthur M. Nezu, Victoria M. Wilkins

85. Problem-Solving Therapy-General
Arthur M. Nezu, Thomas J. D’Zurilla

86. PTSD
Sheila A. M. Rauch, Edna B. Foa

87. PTSD-Childhood
Wanda Grant-Knight, Helen MacDonald, Stephanie Clarke, Karestan Koenen

88. PTSD-Older Adults
Lee Hyer, Steve Sohnle

89. PTSD-War Related
Terence M. Keane, Meredith Charney

90. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
Windy Dryden

91. Rehabilitation Psychology
Timothy R. Elliott, Warren T. Jackson

92. Relapse Prevention
Frederick Rotgers

93. Religious Beliefs and Practices
Hank Robb

94. Resistance: Impediments to Effective Psychotherapy
Arthur Freeman, Roya McCluskey

95. Schizophrenia
Alan S. Bellack, Wendy N. Tenhula

96. School-Based Therapy
Rosemary Mennuti, Ray W. Christner

97. Severe OCD
Jonathan D. Huppert, Edna B. Foa

98. Sex Offending
Christine Maguth Nezu, Jeffrey G. Stoll

99. Sexual Dysfunction
Barry McCarthy, L. Elizabeth Bodnar

100. Sexual Offenders and Paraphilias
W. L. Marshall

101. Sleep Disorders
Kelly L. Gilrain, Jacqueline D. Kloss

102. Social Anxiety Disorder 1
Talia I. Zaider, Richard G. Heimberg

103. Social Anxiety Disorder 2
James D. Herbert, Kristy Dalrymple

104. Social Cognition in Children and Youth
Pier J. M. Prins, Teun G. Manen

105. Social Skills Training
Irene Henriette Oestrich

106. Socratic Dialogue
Arthur Freeman

107. Somatization
Lesley A. Allen, Robert L. Woolfolk

108. Stages of Change
Michael J. Dolan

109. Suicide-Adult
Thomas E. Joiner, Foluso M. Williams

110. Suicide-Child and Adolescent
Matthew K. Nock

111. Suicide-Children
Theresa M. Schultz, Erin B. Marek

112. Terminal Illness
Stephanie H. Felgoise, Holly Kricher

113. Therapeutic Alliance
Lesia M. Ruglass, Jeremy D. Safran

114. Therapeutic Assessment: The Rorschach in Cognitive-Behavioral Practice
Stephanie Yoder, Maurice Prout

115. Treatment Integrity Issues
Keith S. Dobson, Alisa R. Mintz

116. Treatment of Children
Joanna A. Robin, Philip C. Kendall

117. Understanding Schemas
Arthur Freeman, Sharon Freeman


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