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Advancing Development

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Table of contents

Part I. Development Economics in Retrospect

1. The Evolution of the Development Doctrine, 1950–2005
Erik Thorbecke

2. Turning Points in Development Thinking and Practice
Louis Emmerij

3. From Seers to Sen: The Meaning of Economic Development
E. Wayne Nafziger

4. Inequality in Historical Perspective
Richard Jolly

Part II. Inequality and Conflict

5. Health Improvements and Health Inequality during the Last 40 Years
Giovanni Andrea Cornia, Leonardo Menchini

6. Inequality and Corruption
Eric M. Uslaner

7. Indivisibility, Fairness, Farsightedness and their Implications for Security
S. Mansoob Murshed

8. Violence in Peace: Understanding Increased Violence in Early Post-conflict Transitions and Its Implications for Development
Marcia Byrom Hartwell

Part III. Human Development and Wellbeing

9. International Convergence or Higher Inequality in Human Development? Evidence for 1975–2002
Farhad Noorbakhsh

10. Investing in Health for Economic Development: The Case of Mexico
Nora Lustig

11. A Wider Approach to Aid Effectiveness: Correlated Impacts on Health, Wealth, Fertility and Education
David Fielding, Mark McGillivray, Sebastian Torres

12. Is Social Capital Part of the Institutions Continuum and is it a Deep Determinant of Development?
Stephen Knowles

Part IV. Globalization

13. Stormy Days on an Open Field: Asymmetries in the Global Economy
Nancy Birdsall

14. A Quest for Pro-poor Globalization
Machiko Nissanke, Erik Thorbecke

15. International Migration in an Era of Globalization: Has it Come Out of its Marginality?
Arjan Haan

Part V. Development Finance

16. International Risk Tolerance, Capital Market Failure and Capital Flows to Emerging Markets
Valpy FitzGerald

17. Prolonged Use and Conditionality Failure: Investigating IMF Responsibility
Silvia Marchesi, Laura Sabani

18. International Finance and the Developing World: The Next 20 Years
Tony Addison

Part VI. Growth and Poverty

19. Gender and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: Issues and Evidence
Mark Blackden, Sudharshan Canagarajah, Stephan Klasen, David Lawson

20. Decomposing Growth: Do Low-income and HIPCs Differ from High-income Countries?
Pertti Haaparanta, Heli Virta

21. Evaluating Targeting Efficiency of Government Programmes: International Comparisons
Nanak Kakwani, Hyun H. Son

22. Innovations, High-tech Trade and Industrial Development: Theory, Evidence and Policy
Lakhwinder Singh

23. Manufacturing, Services and Premature Deindustrialization in Developing Countries: A Kaldorian Analysis
Sukti Dasgupta, Ajit Singh

Part VII. Development Strategies

24. Why Have All Development Strategies Failed in Latin America?
Guillermo Rozenwurcel

25. Development in Chile 1990–2005: Lessons from a Positive Experience
Álvaro García Hurtado

26. Three Decades of Rural Development Projects in Asia, Latin America and Africa: Learning from Successes and Failures
Annelies Zoomers

27. Development Strategy, Viability and Economic Institutions: The Case of China
Justin Yifu Lin, Mingxing Liu, Shiyuan Pan, Pengfei Zhang

28. Institutions, Policies and Economic Development
Grzegorz W. Kolodko

29. Patterns of Rent Extraction and Deployment in Developing Countries: Implications for Governance, Economic Policy and Performance
Richard M. Auty

30. Credit Co-operatives in Locally Financed Economic Development: Using Energy Efficiency as a Lever
Robert J. McIntyre

Part VIII. Development Economics in Prospect

31. Development through Globalization?
Deepak Nayyar

32. Do We Need a New ‘Great Transformation’? Is One Likely?
Frances Stewart

33. Absorptive Capacity and Achieving the MDGs
François Bourguignon, Mark Sundberg

34. Applying Behavioural Economics to International Development Policy
C. Leigh Anderson, Kostas Stamoulis

35. The Human Dimensions of the Global Development Process in the Early Part of the Twenty-first Century: Critical Trends and New Challenges
Mihály Simai

36. Development Questions for 25 Years
Lance Taylor

Keywords: Economics, Economic Policy, Development Economics, Political Economy, International Economics

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Studies in Development Economics and Policy
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