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Brazil under Lula

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Werner Baer, Joseph L. Love

Part One. The Problems the Lula Government Confronted in Politics and the Economy

2. Political Reform in Brazil: Recent Proposals, Diagnosis, and a Suggestion
José Antonio Cheibub

3. The Macroeconomic Record of the Lula Administration, the Roots of Brazil’s Inequality, and Attempts to Overcome Them
Edmund Amann, Werner Baer

Part Two. The Policy-Making Process

4. Policy Making in the First Lula Government
Jorge Vianna Monteiro

5. Brazil’s Lack of Growth
Jocildo Bezerra, Tiago V. V. Cavalcanti

Part Three. Specific Policy Issues

6. Regulation during the Lula Government
Bernardo Mueller, André Rossi Oliveira

7. Exchange Rate Policy, Perceptions of Risk, and External Constraints under Lula
Donald V. Coes

8. Agricultural, Agrarian, and Environmental Policy Formation under Lula: The Role of Policy Networks
Charles C. Mueller

9. The Labor Policies of the Lula Government
Michael M. Hall

10. Lula’s Foreign Policy: Regional and Global Strategies
Paulo Roberto Almeida

Part Four. The Impact of President Lula’s Social Programs

11. A Spatial Analysis of Bolsa Família: Is Allocation Targeting the Needy?
Mônica A. Haddad

12. A Report Card for Lula: Progress in Education
Mary Arends-Kuenning

13. Reforming Social Security under Lula: Continuities with Cardoso’s Policies
Maria Antonieta P. Leopoldi

Part Five. Regional Growth and Income Inequality

14. Social Policies, Personal and Regional Income Inequality in Brazil: An I-O Analysis
Carlos R. Azzoni, Joaquim J. M. Guilhoto, Eduardo A. Haddad, Geoffrey J. D. Hewings, Marco Antônio Laes, Guilherme R. C. Moreira

15. Regional Development Policies, 2003–2006
Luiz Ricardo Cavalcante, Simone Uderman

16. Northeast Brazil under the Lula Government
Alexandre Rands Barros, André Matos Magalhães

Part Six. The Long-run View

17. The Lula Government in Historical Perspective
Joseph L. Love

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Political Economy, Latin American Culture, International Relations, Latin American Politics, Political Science

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