Callahan, Allen Dwight

African American Religious Life and the Story of Nimrod

Callahan, Allen Dwight - African American Religious Life and the Story of Nimrod, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction: “Figures of the True”
Allen Dwight Callahan

Section One. Nimrod as Hero

2. The Hunter and the Game: Reappropriating the Legend of Nimrod from an African American Theological Perspective
James H. Evans

3. God of Restraint: An African American Humanist Interpretation of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel
Anthony B. Pinn

4. “I Am Black and Beautiful, O Ye Daughters of Jerusalem …”: African American Virtue Ethics and a Womanist Hermeneutics of Redemption
Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas

5. “Lest We Be Scattered Abroad”: Nimrod, Marcus Garvey, and Black Religious Humanism in Harlem
Juan M. Floyd-Thomas

6. More than a Mighty Hunter: George Washington Williams, Nineteenth-Century Racialized Discourse and the Reclamation of Nimrod
Abraham Smith

7. The Story of Nimrod: A Struggle with Otherness and the Search for Identity
Arthur L. Pressley

8. Nimrod: Reading the Bible with South African Eyes
Elelwani B. Farisani

9. Nimrod and Dead Prez: Walking Like a Warrior
Ralph C. Watkins

10. Nimrod and the South African Context
Dorothy M. Farisani

11. Who Is the Man …?: Nimrod, Afrocentricism, and the African American Dream
Lee H. Butler

Section Two. Nimrod as Infamous

12. The Strength of Collective Man: Nimrod and the Tower of Babel
Allen Dwight Callahan

13. Nimrod: Paradigm of Future Oppressive Systems
Jimmy Kirby

14. Beyond the Curse of Noah: African American Pastoral Theology as Political
Edward P. Wimberly

Section Three. A Neutral Stance

15. A Tower of Pulpits
Dale P. Andrews

16. Reorientation by Reference to “Wrong Way” Makers: Evaluating a Modern Signifying Mythicization of an Ancient Mythicization
Theodore Walker

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, African Culture, Religious Studies, general, History of Religion, Sociology of Religion, Biblical Studies, Ethnicity Studies

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Black Religion/Womanist Thought/Social Justice
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283 pages
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