Moaddel, Mansoor

Values and Perceptions of the Islamic and Middle Eastern Publics

Moaddel, Mansoor - Values and Perceptions of the Islamic and Middle Eastern Publics, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Theoretical and Methodological Issues in the Study of Values
Mansoor Moaddel

Part 1. Islam in a Global Perspective

2. The Worldviews of Islamic Publics in Global Perspective
Ronald F. Inglehart

3. Value Systems of Elites and Publics in the Mediterranean: Convergence or Divergence
Juan Díez-Nicolás

4. Muslim Immigrants in Western Europe: Persisting Value Differences or Value Adaptation?
Thorleif Pettersson

Part 2. Political and Economic Consequences of Islam versus Rentier Economy

5. Do Islamic Orientations Influence Attitudes toward Democracy in the Arab World? Evidence from the World Values Survey in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Algeria
Mark Tessler

6. The Egalitarian Face of Islamic Orthodoxy: Support for Islamic Law and Economic Justice in Seven Muslim-Majority Nations
Nancy J. Davis, Robert V. Robinson

7. The Rentier State: Does Rentierism Hinder Democracy?
Bi Puranen, Olof Widenfalk

Part 3. Determinants of Self-Rated Health and Attitudes toward Religion, Gender and Democracy

8. Social Structure versus Perception: A Cross-National Comparison of Self-Rated Health in Egypt, Iran, Jordan, and the United States
Kristine J. Ajrouch, Mansoor Moaddel

9. The Saudi Public Speaks: Religion, Gender, and Politics
Mansoor Moaddel

Part 4. Events and Changes in Values and Perceptions

10. Events and Value Change: The Impact of September 11, 2001 on the Worldviews of Egyptians and Moroccans
Mansoor Moaddel, Abdul-Hamid Abdul-Latif

11. Xenophobia and In-Group Solidarity in Iraq: A Natural Experiment on the Impact of Insecurity
Ronald Inglehart, Mansoor Moaddel, Mark Tessler

Part 5. Methodology

12. Probability Sampling and the Scientific Survey Method for Population Studies: Application to Survey Research in Islamic Countries
Steven G. Heeringa

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, International Relations, Sociology, general, Middle Eastern Politics, Diplomacy, Political Science

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