McBride, Patrizia C.

Legacies of Modernism

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: The Future’s Past—Modernism, Critique, and the Political
Patrizia C. McBride

Section I. High, Low, and Other: The Politics of Music

2. Hans Pfitzner and the Anxiety of Nostalgic Modernism
Marc A. Weiner

3. Mahler, Rembrandt, and the Dark Side of German Culture
Carl Niekerk

Section II. Modernism/Antimodernism, Race and Eugenics in Scandinavia

4. The Resistance to Modernism in Karl Gjellerup’s Germanernes Lærling (1882)
Paul Houe

5. Knut Hamsun’s “White Negro” from Ringen Sluttet (1936)—Or the Politics of Race
Monika Žagar

6. Eugenic Sterilization and the Role of Science—The Scandinavian Case
Nils Roll-Hansen

Section III. Science, Technology, and German Modernism

7. Reactionary Engineers? Technocracy and the Kulturfaktor Technik in Weimar Germany
Andreas Michel

8. Science, Art, and the Question of the Visible: Rudolf Virchow, Hannah Höch, and “Immediate Visual Perception”
Thomas O. Haakenson

Section IV. Architecture and Urban Planning in Weimar Modernity

9. Imagining the New Berlin: Modernism, Mass Utopia, and the Architectural Avant-Garde
Sabine Hake

10. Rebuilding Babel: Urban Regeneration in the Modern/Postmodern Age
Janet Ward

Section V. The Politics of Visual Culture: Weimar, Exile, and Postwar

11. Politicizing Painting: The Case of New Objectivity
Maria Makela

12. Modernism from Weimar to Hollywood: Expressionism/New Objectivity/Noir?
Richard W. McCormick

13. Clement Greenberg and the Postwar Modernist Canon: Minimizing the Role of Germany and Northern Europe
Matthew Rohn

Section VI. The Politics of Visual Culture in the Third Reich

14. Framing Sight: Modernism and Nazi Visual Culture
Lutz Koepnick

15. A Woman Beside Herself: Art and Its Other in Nazi Movies
Linda Schulte-Sasse

Section VII. Modernist Politics Now: Critiques of Liberalism

16. The Stakes of the Political According to Carl Schmitt
Chantal Mouffe

17. Sovereignty and Its Discontents
William Rasch

Keywords: Literature, European Literature, European History, Modern History, Twentieth-Century Literature, Cultural and Media Studies, general, Regional and Cultural Studies

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Studies in European Culture and History
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268 pages
Litterary Studies
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