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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Corporate Social Responsibility — Reconciling Aspiration with Application
Andrew Kakabadse, Mette Morsing

Part I. Theories and Perspectives

2. A New Approach to CSR: Company Stakeholder Responsibility
R. Edward Freeman, S. Ramakrishna Velamuri

3. In Defence of Corporate Responsibility
Chris Marsden

4. Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
Steen Thomsen

5. Environment: Who is Responsible and How to Govern it?
Nada K. Kakabadse, Cécile Rozuel, Andrew Kakabadse

Part II. Reporting and Regulating

6. What to Measure in the Twenty-first Century?
Lance Moir, Mike Kennerley

7. The Sustainability Perspective: a New Governance Model
Antonio Tencati, Francesco Perrini

8. The Role of Governments in Fostering CSR
Laura Albareda, Tamyko Ysa, Josep M. Lozano, Heike Roscher

9. The Global Reporting Initiative in Denmark: Emperor’s New Clothes or Useful Reporting Tool?
Jette Steen Knudsen

10. Social Construction as a Mode of Regulation: Reconstructing CSR in Denmark
Eva Boxenbaum

Part III. Actions and Challenges

11. Social Performance: Key Lessons from Recent Experiences within Shell
Titus Fossgard-Moser

12. Novo Nordisk A/S: Integrating Sustainability into Business Practice
Mette Morsing, Dennis Oswald

13. Creating a Corporate Responsibility Culture: the Approach of Unilever UK
Thomas Lingard

Part IV. Questions and Perspectives

14. From the Margins to the Mainstream: Corporate Responsibility and the Challenge Facing Business and Business Schools
Peter Lacy, Charlotte Salazar

15. CSR and Stakeholder Involvement: the Challenge of Organisational Integration
Mette Morsing, Steen Vallentin

16. The Meanings of Social Entrepreneurship Today
Juliet Roper, George Cheney

17. From Corporate Responsibility to Good Governance and Scalable Solutions
Seb Beloe, John Elkington, Jodie Thorpe

18. CSR in the Boardroom: Contribution of the Non Executive Director (NED)
Andrew P. Kakabadse, Nada K. Kakabadse, Ruth Barratt

Keywords: Business and Management, Business Strategy/Leadership, Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility

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