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Contemporary Peacemaking

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: What Peace?What Process?
John Darby, Roger Mac Ginty

Part I. Preparing for Peace:An Introduction

2. Explaining the Conflict Potential of Ethnicity
Crawford Young

3. The Timing of Peace Initiatives:Hurting Stalemates and Ripe Moments
I. William Zartman

4. Cultivating Peace: A Practitioner’s View of Deadly Conflict and Negotiation
John Paul Lederach

5. New Contexts for Political Solutions:Redefining Minority Nationalisms in Northern Ireland, the Basque Country, and Corsica
John Loughlin

Part II. Negotiations:An Introduction

6. Negotiations and Peace Processes
Adrian Guelke

7. Rules and Procedures for Negotiated Peacemaking
Pierre Toit

8. Mediation and the Ending of Conflicts
Christopher Mitchell

9. Women, Gender and Peacemaking in Civil Wars
Antonia Potter

10. Traditional and Indigenous Approaches to Peacemaking
Roger Mac Ginty

11. The Role of the News Media in Peace Negotiations: Variations over Time and Circumstance
Gadi Wolfsfeld

Part III. Violence and Peace Processes:An Introduction

12. Peace Processes and the Challenges of Violence
Stephen John Stedman

13. Reframing the Spoiler Debate in Peace Processes
Marie-Joëlle Zahar

14. Post-Agreement Demobilization,Disarmament, and Reconstruction:Towards a New Approach
Virginia Gamba

Part IV. Peace Accords:An Introduction

15. Power Sharing after Civil Wars: Matching Problems to Solutions
Timothy D. Sisk

16. Negotiating Human Rights
Christine Bell

17. Democratic Validation
Ben Reilly

18. Territorial Options
Yash Ghai

Part V. Peace Accord Implementation and Post-war Reconstruction:An Introduction

19. The UN and Liberal Peacebuilding:Consensus and Challenges
Oliver Richmond

20. From Peace to Democratization:Lessons from Central America
Cynthia J. Arnson, Dinorah Azpuru

21. Casting Long Shadows: War,Peace, and Extra-Legal Economies
Carolyn Nordstrom

22. Military and Police Reform after Civil Wars
William D. Stanley, Charles T. Call

23. Refugees and IDPs in Peacemaking Processes
Karen Jacobsen, Helen Young, Abdalmonim Osman

24. Negotiating Justice: The Challenge of Addressing Past Human Rights Violations
Priscilla Hayner

25. Borrowing and Lending in Peace Processes
John Darby

26. Conclusion: Peace Processes,Present, and Future
John Darby, Roger Mac Ginty

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, International Relations, Military and Defence Studies, Conflict Studies, Peace Studies

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