Jahn-Sudmann, Andreas

Computer Games as a Sociocultural Phenomenon

Jahn-Sudmann, Andreas - Computer Games as a Sociocultural Phenomenon, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Game Design and Aesthetics

1. The Aesthetic Vocabulary of Video Games
Joost Dreunen

2. Can Games Get Real? A Closer Look at ‘Documentary’ Digital Games
Ian Bogost, Cindy Poremba

3. Emotional Design of Computer Games and Fiction Films
Doris C. Rusch

4. ‘Applied Game Theory’: Innovation, Diversity, Experimentation in Contemporary Game Design
Henry Jenkins, Kurt Squire

Part II. Space and Time

5. There and Back Again: Reuse, Signifiers and Consistency in Created Game Spaces
Peter Berger

6. Another Bricolage in the Wall: Deleuze and Teenage Alienation
Jeffrey P. Cain

Part III. War and Violence

7. Programming Violence: Language and the Making of Interactive Media
Claudia Herbst

8. Impotence and Agency: Computer Games as a Post-9/11 Battlefield
Henry Lowood

9. S(t)imulating War: From Early Films to Military Games
Daphnée Rentfrow

Part IV. Ethics and Morality

10. Player in Fabula: Ethics of Interaction as Semiotic Negotiation Between Authorship and Readership
Massimo Maietti

11. ‘Moral Management’: Dealing with Moral Concerns to Maintain Enjoyment of Violent Video Games
Christoph Klimmt, Hannah Schmid, Andreas Nosper, Tilo Hartmann, Peter Vorderer

12. Beyond Good and Evil: The Inhuman Ethics of Redemption and Bloodlines
Will Slocombe

Part V. Politics and Ideology

13. Preconscious Apocalypse: The Failure of Capitalism in Computer Games
Sven O. Cavalcanti

14. Borders and Bodies in City of Heroes: (Re)imaging American Identity Post 9/11
Nowell Marshall

15. Anti-PC Games: Exploring Articulations of the Politically Incorrect in GTA San Andreas
Andreas Jahn-Sudmann, Ralf Stockmann

16. Strip — Shift — Impose — Recycle — Overload — Spill — Breakout — Abuse. Artists’ (Mis-)Appropriations of Shooter Games
Maia Engeli

Part VI. Computer Game Play(ers) and Cultural Identities

17. Presence-Play: The Hauntology of the Computer Game
Dean Lockwood, Tony Richards

18. Negotiating Online Computer Games in East Asia: Manufacturing Asian MMORPGs and Marketing ‘Asianness’
Dean Chan

19. Teenage Girls ‘Play House’: The Cyber-drama of The Sims
Lynda Dyson

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Media Studies, Regional and Cultural Studies, Social Theory, Anthropology, Engineering, general, Cultural Studies

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