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Genocide and Human Rights

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Table of contents

Part I. The Problem of Evil: How Does Genocide Affect Philosophy?

1. The Evil in Genocide
Berel Lang

2. Rights, Morality, and Faith in the Light of the Holocaust
Sander Lee

3. How Should Genocide Affect Philosophy?
Frederick Sontag

4. Genocide, Despair, and Religious Hope: An Essay on Human Nature
Stephen T. Davis

5. The Holocaust and Language
D. Z. Phillips

6. Genocide, Evil, and Injustice: Competing Hells
Thomas W. Simon

Part II. Innocent or Guilty? Philosophy’s Involvement in Genocide

7. The Doctorhood of Genocide
Colin Tatz

8. The Philosophical Warrant for Genocide
David Patterson

9. The Rational Constitution of Evil: Reflections on Franz Baermann Steiner’s Critique of Philosophy
Michael Mack

10. Epistemic Conditions for Genocide
Emmanuel C. Eze

11. Genocide and the Totalizing Philosopher: A Levinasian Analysis
Leonard Grob

12. Why Do the Happy Inhabitants of Tahiti Bother to Exist at All?
Robert Bernasconi

Part III. Will Genocide Ever End? Genocide’s Challenge to Philosophy

13. Refocusing Genocide: A Philosophical Responsibility
Raimond Gaita

14. Genocide and Crimes against Humanity
Norman Geras

15. Innocence, Genocide, and Suicide Bombings
Laurence M. Thomas

16. Beyond the Affectations of Philosophy
James R. Watson

17. The Warring Logics of Genocide
Edith Wyschogrod

18. Philosophy’s Obligation to the Human Being in the Aftermath of Genocide
Paul C. Santilli

Part IV. Resistance, Responsibility, and Human Rights: Philosophy’s Response to Genocide

19. Genocide and Social Death
Claudia Card

20. Genocide and the “Logic” of Racism
John K. Roth

21. The Right to Life, Genocide, and the Problem of Bystander States
David H. Jones

22. Repudiating Inhumanity: Cosmopolitan Justice and the Obligation to Prosecute Human Rights Atrocities
Patrick Hayden

23. “The Human Material is Too Weak”
Roger S. Gottlieb

24. Virtue Ethics, Mass Killing, and Hatred
Paul Woodruff

25. Shame, the Holocaust, and Dark Times
Michael L. Morgan

26. Epilogue: “After? … Meaning What?”
John K. Roth

Keywords: Philosophy, Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Social Justice, Equality and Human Rights, Human Rights

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