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Women, Gender and Enlightenment

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Table of contents

Part I. Women, Men, Enlightenment

1. Introduction
Karen O’Brien

2. Between the Savage and the Civil: Dr John Gregory’s Natural History of Femininity
Mary Catherine Moran

3. Feminists versus Gallants: Manners and Morals in Enlightenment Britain
Barbara Taylor

4. ‘Ambiguous Beings’: Marginality, Melancholy, and the Femme Savante

Anne C. Vila

5. Introduction
Jane Rendall

6. ‘Race’, Women and Progress in the Scottish Enlightenment
Silvia Sebastiani

7. No Woman Is an Island: The Female Figure in French Enlightenment Anthropology
Jenny Mander

8. Civilization, Patriotism and Enlightened Histories of Woman
Sylvana Tomaselli

9. Introduction
Dror Wahrman

10. Advice and Enlightenment: Mary Wollstonecraft and Sex Education
Vivien Jones

11. Tears and the Man
Philip Carte

12. Reading Rousseau’s Sexuality
Robin Howells

13. Introduction
Mónica Bolufer Peruga

L’ortografe des dames: Gender and Language in the Old Regime
Dena Goodman

15. ‘To think, to compare, to combine, to methodise’: Girls’ Education in Enlightenment Britain
Michèle Cohen

16. Discourses of Female Education in the Writings of Eighteenth-Century French Women
Jean Bloch

17. Introduction
Carla Hesse

18. Women on the Verge of Science: Aristocratic Women and Knowledge in Early Eighteenth-Century Italy
Paula Findlen

19. ‘The noblest commerce of mankind’: Conversation and Community in the Bluestocking Circle
Elizabeth Eger

20. Aristocratic Feminism, the Learned Governess, and the Republic of Letters
Clarissa Campbell Orr

21. ‘Women that would plague me with rational conversation’: Aspiring Women and Scottish Whigs, c. 1790–1830
Jane Rendall

Part II. Feminism, Enlightenment and Revolution

22. Introduction
Clarissa Campbell Orr

23. Mary Astell and Enlightenment
Ruth Perry

24. The Deconstruction of Gender: Seventeenth-Century Feminism and Modern Equality
Siep Stuurman

25. ‘Neither Male, Nor Female’: Rational Equality in the Early Spanish Enlightenment
Mónica Bolufer Peruga

26. Introduction
Barbara Taylor

27. The Soul Has No Sex: Feminism and Catholicism in Early-Modern Europe
Siep Stuurman

28. Religion, Feminism, and the Problem of Agency: Reflections on Eighteenth-Century Quakerism
Phyllis Mack

29. Bluestocking Fictions: Devotional Writings, Didactic Literature and the Imperative of Female Improvement
Norma Clarke

30. ‘With Mrs Barbauld it is different’: Dissenting Heritage and the Devotional Taste
Daniel E. White

31. Mary Hays (1759–1843): An Enlightened Quest
Gina Luria Walker

32. Introduction
Harriet Guest

33. Catharine Macaulay’s Histories of England: A Female Perspective on the History of Liberty
Karen O’Brien

34. Liberty, Equality and God: The Religious Roots of Catherine Macaulay’s Feminism
Sarah Hutton

35. Romantic Patriotism as Feminist Critique of Empire: Helen Maria Williams, Sydney Owenson and Germaine de Staël
Caroline Franklin

36. Introduction
Lynn Hunt

37. Women in Eighteenth-Century British Politics
Anna Clark

38. Extending the ‘Right of Election’: Men’s Arguments for Women’s Political Representation in Late Enlightenment Britain
Arianne Chernock

Filles publiques or Public Women: The Actress as Citizen: Marie Madeleine Jodin (1741–90) and Mary Darby Robinson (1758–1800)
Felicia Gordon

40. The Politics of Intimacy: Marriage and Citizenship in the French Revolution
Suzanne Desan

41. Benjamin Rush’s Ferment: Enlightenment Medicine and Female Citizenship in Revolutionary America
Sarah Knott

42. American Women’s Rights Before Seneca Falls
Rosemarie Zagarri

43. Women and Enlightenment: A Historiographical Conclusion
John Robertson

44. Feminism and Enlightenment Legacies
Kate Soper

Keywords: Social Sciences, Gender Studies, European History, Modern History, Clinical Psychology, History of Philosophy

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