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Teachers Exploring Tasks in English Language Teaching

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Aims and Explorations into Tasks and Task-based Teaching
Jane Willis

2. Task-based Language Learning and Teaching: Theories and Applications
Ali Shehadeh

Part A. Implementing Task-based Learning: Contexts and Purposes

3. Developing from PPP to TBL: A Focused Grammar Task
Lamprini Loumpourdi

4. Integrating Task-based Learning into a Business English Programme
Patricia Pullin Stark

5. Language as Topic: Learner-Teacher Investigation of Concordances
Raymond Sheehan

6. Storytelling with Low-level Learners: Developing Narrative Tasks
Patrick Kiernan

7. Adding Tasks to Textbooks for Beginner Learners
Theron Muller

8. Using Language-focused Learning Journals on a Task-based Course
Jason Moser

Part B. Exploring Task Interaction: Helping Learners do Better

9. Exam-oriented Tasks: Transcripts, Turn-taking and Backchannelling
Maria Leedham

10. Training Young Learners in Meaning Negotiation Skills: Does it Help?
Seung-Min Lee

11. Task Repetition with 10-year-old Children
Annamaria Pinter

12. Collaborative Tasks for Cross-cultural Communication
David Coulson

Part C. Exploring Task Language: Lexical Phrases and Patterns

13. Interactive Lexical Phrases in Pair Interview Tasks
James Hobbs

14. Multi-word Chunks in Oral Tasks
Maggie Baigent

15. Can We Predict Language Items for Open Tasks?
David Cox

Part D. Investigating Variables: Task Conditions and Task Types

16. Fighting Fossilization: Language at the Task Versus Report Stages
Craig Johnston

17. Storytelling: Effects of Planning, Repetition and Context
William Essig

18. The Effect of Pre-task Planning Time on Task-based Performance
Antigone Djapoura

19. Balancing Fluency, Accuracy and Complexity Through Task Characteristics
Gregory Birch

20. Quality Interaction and Types of Negotiation in Problem-solving and Jigsaw Tasks
Glen Poupore

21. Epilogue: Teachers Exploring Research
Corony Edwards

Keywords: Education, Language Education, Linguistics, general, Language Teaching

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