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New Technologies in Health Care

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: New Technologies in Health Care: Opening the Black Bag
Andrew Webster

Part 1. Genetic Risk, Reproduction and Identity

2. The Genetic Iceberg: Risk and Uncertainty
Aditya Bharadwaj, Lindsay Prior, Paul Atkinson, Angus Clarke, Mark Worwood

3. Navigating the Troubled Waters of Prenatal Testing Decisions
Gillian Lewando Hundt, Josephine Green, Jane Sandall, Janet Hirst, Shenaz Ahmed, Jenny Hewison

4. Genetic Ambivalence: Expertise, Uncertainty and Communication in the Context of New Genetic Technologies
Anne Kerr, Sarah Franklin

Part 2. Information and Empowerment

5. ‘Pathways to the Doctor’ in the Information Age: the Role of ICTs in Contemporary Lay Referral Systems
Sarah Nettleton, Gerard Hanlon

6. Desperately Seeking Certainty: Bone Densitometry, the Internet and Health Care Contexts
Eileen Green, Frances Griffiths, Flis Henwood, Sally Wyatt

7. Telemedicine, Telecare, and the Future Patient: Innovation, Risk and Governance
Tracy Finch, Carl May, Maggie Mort, Frances Mair

8. Patient ‘Expertise’ and Innovative Health Technologies
Katie Ward, Mark Davis, Paul Flowers

9. Making Sense of Mediated Information: Empowerment and Dependency
Joe Cullen, Simon Cohn

Part 3. Innovation, Context and Meaning

10. Time, Place and Settings: Negotiating Birth, Childhood and Death
Jane Seymour, Elizabeth Ettorre, Janet Heaton, Gloria Lankshear, David Mason, Jane Noyes

11. Replacing Hips and Lenses: Surgery, Industry and Innovation in Post-War Britain
J. S. Metcalfe, John Pickstone

12. Access, Agency and Normality: the Wheelchair and the Internet as Mediators of Disability
Susie Parr, Nick Watson, Brian Woods

Part 4. Regulation and Evaluation of IHTs

13. Understanding the ‘Productivity Crisis’ in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Over-regulation or Lack of Innovation?
Paul Martin, John Abraham, Courtney Davis, Alison Kraft

14. Regulating Hybridity: Policing Pollution in Tissue Engineering and Transpecies Transplantation
Nik Brown, Alex Faulkner, Julie Kent, Mike Michael

15. Cultural Politics and Human Embryonic Stem Cell Science
Brian Salter

16. Regulation and the Positioning of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
John Chatwin, Philip Tovey

17. Evaluation as an Innovative Health Technology
David Armstrong

Keywords: Social Sciences, Social Policy, Medical Sociology, Medicine/Public Health, general, Social Work, Biomedicine general, Biotechnology

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Health, Technology and Society
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289 pages
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