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EU-US Relations

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Table of contents

Part I. The Nature of Transatlantic Disagreements: Duration and Progress

1. Introduction: Rupture and Continuity in Transatlantic Relations
Nikos Kotzias, Petros Liacouras

Part II. The Long-Term Character of EU-US Disagreements

2. Present and Future of the Tensed EU-US Relations
William Pfaff

3. The EU and the Future of Transatlantic Relations
Christoph Bertram

4. The Future of Transatlantic Relations
Scott Barrett

5. Note on the Transatlantic Bonds of the EU
Bronislaw Geremek

Part III. Differences and Mutual Completion

6. Europe and the Transatlantic Relationship after the Iraq Crisis
Gilles Andréani

7. Improving Transatlantic Relations in the Aftermath of the Iraq War
Joseph Stiglitz

8. EU-US Relations in a Multipolar System
Dimitri Constas

9. Reshaping US-EU Relations: Toward a Broader Strategic Agenda
F. Stephen Larrabee

10. The United States and the European Union: is a Partnership still Possible?
Dick Benschop

11. The Choices in Euro-American Relations
Christopher Hill

12. Europe and the US: Five Frank Thoughts and One Proposal for the Foreign Ministers of Europe
Timothy Garton Ash

13. Redefining the Transatlantic Partnership
Tom Bentley

14. Repairing the Transatlantic Rift
Joseph Nye

15. Note to the EU Presidency and EU Foreign Ministers
Sherle R. Schwenninger

16. Transatlantic Security Cooperation
Jan Dirk Blaauw

17. Living with our Differences
Kalypso Nicolaidis

Part IV. Short-Term Causes

18. On EU/US Relations
Stanley Hoffmann

19. Healing the West’s Wounds
Theodore A. Couloumbis

20. EU-US Relations in Worldwide Context
A. A. Fatouros

21. The Future of the Relationship between the EU and the US: Managing Interdependence and Global Responsibility
Georgios Papastamkos

22. Pursuing Common Security Goals
Misha Glenny

Part V. The Recommendations

23. TPN Outreach Project: Interim Report from the Co-Chairs (April 2003)

24. Agenda for a New Transatlantic Relationship: the EU’s To-Do List
Elmar Brok

25. Europe and the United States face the Challenges of the New Century
Kemal Dervis

26. Transatlantic Relations: the EU Stance
John Bruton

27. After Iraq: Permanent Transatlantic Tensions
Ted Galen Carpenter

28. Strengthening Transatlantic Relations: Statement for the Informal Meeting of EU Foreign Ministers on Strengthening Transatlantic Relations
Friedbert Pflüger

29. A Structural Approach to Transatlantic Unity
Alan K. Henrikson

30. Cooperative Ways to Bridge the Gap
George Soros

31. The ‘Washington Consensus’ and the EU-US Relationship
Emilios Avgouleas

32. Mending the Transatlantic Partnership
David Andrews, Helen Wallace

Part VI. The Studies and their Recommendations

33. Recommendations for a New Transatlantic Charta: A Strong Europe — A Partner, Not a Rival to the United States

34. European Attitudes towards Transatlantic Relations 2000–2003: an Analytical Survey

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, International Relations, European Union Politics, International Organization

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